Saturday, August 8, 2009

Is it Nap Time Yet?

Well for Kylee it is..which means I can actually sit down and think about a post for more than 2 minutes. She started crawling a few weeks ago...which means nothing is safe and everything is up for grabs. At first it was this really awkward zombie-like-movement crawl and then the next day she was off and gone and we were 'eating her dust' so to speak. And now..she's crawling from dawn to dusk and repeats it all the next day. She is also pulling up onto things and moving along furniture and I've been told it's only going to be a matter of time before she's WALKING..Is it nap time yet? I knew this was all bound to happen but I thought maybe I'd have 1...2...8 years to prepare..boy was I wrong.

In other news...we have joined the cloth diapering world. It all started because of this woman I know..let's call her Megan..who eats, drinks, and breathes cloth. Well maybe she doesn't eat it ..or drink it...but I'm pretty sure she breathes it and lives it. So I started looking around and checking out some fluffy butt covers and decided prefolds and covers were the only thing in our budget. THEN I won this lovely giveaway from here and now I'm addicted to the 'fancy' cloth diapers and live on giveaways and can't wait until I can start building the most amazing and wonderful stash ever! I'm pretty sure part of Kylee's 1st birthday is going to contain gifts of cloth from 'mama' and 'dada'..she'll love it as well as her mama! I've also discovered a love for this soap which smells SO amazing that you pretty much have to force yourself not to eat it..or bath in it..or stick some under your pillow at night just so you don't forget how wonderful it smells. (Okay..that's a bit much, I agree..but I'm telling you...AMAZING!)

In other news outside of cloth diapering... I have been going crazy (only somewhat) trying to come up with ideas for Kylee's 1st birthday party.'s a little over 3 months away but this isn't something you can just throw together overnight. I've already found a lovely boutique online that I'm going to be ordering her dress from in a couple of months and I've talked to my friend Jess about cake/cupcake ideas..but I still haven't decided anything official and I don't want to stress and pull out my hair the closer her birthday gets and I have nothing planned other than a BEAUTIFUL dress and amazing friends and family who will celebrate with us. I've been thinking pink, light purple, and maybe even a pale yellow as colors and a cupcake theme... but then I also love the idea of ladybugs and butterflies and I know this amazing lady..Jess..who could for sure help me create an amazing cake if I ask nicely.. idea. So what have the 1st birthday parties for your little ones been like? Did you go big? Small? Did you have a theme? Or just colors? Save my sanity..


Jackie at 3littleones said...

That's so exciting she is crawling! although, yes, it only gets crazier from there!!! That's awesome you are switching to cloth - I started w/ prefolds and covers about a year ago but definitely LOVE our nicer diapers :)

I just found you thru snellings stories blog - i'm following you now - hope you dont mind :)

Jessica said...

Brennan had a BIG cowboy
Jackson had a small Elmo
Ethan I a thinking is going to have a playdate/luncheon with colors and possibly a woodland creature theme.