Thursday, August 27, 2009

She's a Smartipants!!

One of my favorite diaper wins from my latest blog giveaway obsession has been hands down.. Smartipants! I was so excited when I found out I won this diaper because I had heard many many wonderful things about it. We chose pink because we don't have any pink diapers and I think my princess looks great in a nice pale pink. Our diaper shipped quickly and I received 1 Smartipants diaper and 2 Smart Sleeve inserts. This is rarely my go to diaper during the day because it's my #1 go to diaper for overnights. Kylee sleeps between 12 and 13 hours a night and this diaper holds up and then some.

So what makes this diaper so great you ask?

WELL... first of all, one of my favorite features is that you don't have to take the inserts out when you put the diaper in the wash..they come out during the wash cycle! So no more touching of the icky and nasty to rescue your inserts.

Smartipants diapers also keep moisture contained AND your babies bottom dry at the same time! I love changing Kylee and seeing that her bottom wasn't just hanging out in a small puddle of her urine (which happens with disposables and a lot of AIO diapers). They are made with “breathable” fibers that are free from any chemicals or irritants which is great against sensitive baby skin. These are also some of the most absorbent diapers we've ever used.

(The only time we've EVER had a leak was when I chose to let Kylee sleep instead of waking her up to change her. She had been in her Smartipants with a single insert for 5 hours when all was said and done. Her bed and clothes were soaked. But keep in mind, we went to a playdate, shopping, and she napped for 2 hours in this diaper. NOT TO MENTION..she drank a whole sippy of water while on our playdate. I'm lucky leaking onto her clothes and bed was all that happened.)

Smartipants are also AMAZING on your bank account, wallet, piggy bank, or whatever else you store your precious earnings in. You can get a 3pk of Smartipants for less than $40.00 and each diaper comes with an absorbent insert. You can't get better quality for a better price anywhere. In fact I dare you to try and find a better diaper at a better price..and when you do let me know. (I don't expect to hear from you anytime soon...)

So needless to family is a HUGE fan of Smartipants. (Even my fiance because they are so easy to put on, snap, and go!) So if you're still putting your baby in horrible disposable diapers and stinking up our already stank landfills... stop. Save our planet and save your wallet. Buy Smartipants. You won't regret it!


Jackie at 3littleones said...

she looks adorable!!! i just won one recently too and I LOVE it!! it's my new favorite :)

Jessica said...

my fav. is fuzzibunz...smartie pants are okay, but not my favorite...i think just b/c they leaked a few times at first so i have a bad memory of them :(