Thursday, September 30, 2010

Once Upon a Time..

There was a little girl named Kylee.  She had a mommy who wanted her to look oh-so-cute on Halloween.  Her mommy thought many months about the perfect costume for her little blonde beauty.

At first she was planning on dressing Kylee up as Dorothy and having her join in with her toddler friends on being the cast of  the Wizard of Oz. (In tiny people form, of course!)  But plans fell through.

So her mommy began thinking again.. and again.. and hours and hours of thought went into this decision.  FINALLY! The perfect costume for a cute and animated little girl.  (Yeah.. her mommy is kind of a genius and stuff..)

Precious Kylee would be... GOLDILOCKS!! Cute costume, no?

(That's not Kylee.  And I'm waiting on posting pictures of her in the actual costume until my Halloween post. But.. nonetheless.. it's quite possibly the cutest costume I've ever seen! )  And check out that awesome price!  I don't know about you.. but nothing irks me more than companies whose costumes  all cost $50 or more.  Yeah.. not happening!

I will say that Kylee has tried on this costume a couple of times and she LOVES it!  (I actually had to hide it away in her closet).  She loves taking all of the little bears out and loving on them.  She calls her dress "Gowocks" (yeah, cute, I know!) and loves that she gets to wear her "fancy" shoes with her costume.  And lucky girl that she is.. her costume will be added to her dress up collection once Halloween passes.

This costume may be cheaper in price than most costumes out there.  But don't let it fool you into believing  the quality is cheap.  It's thin enough that it's a breathable fabric but not thin enough that I feel like it's going to rip while she's wearing it.

So what are your little ones being for Halloween?  You should head on over to Costume Discounters and check out their selections.  It's not too late!  There are SO many cute toddler costumes.  And I spent quite a while in the girl costumes  section as well before making my final decision!  We will definitely be using Costume Discounters in the future!

*I was not compensated in any way other than receiving a Goldilocks costume to review.  These are my words. My opinions.  My thoughts. Thank you to to Charles at Costume Discounters for being such a pleasure to work with.*

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Super Skivvies Winner


Jessica said...

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Misery is NEVER Good Company

This is our pollen count lately..

(Image is from WOWT\)

I've been doing lots of this...


And using lots of this...


And feeling like ...


So yeah.. it's be awesome over here lately.  But hopefully I'll be on the mend soon!
Until then.. go ahead and feel free to enter my Super Skivvies giveaway.
Maybe it will make me feel better?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's In The Air...

What's that you ask?

.... FOOTBALL!!! ....

We love some college football in this house!  Me and Kylee cheer on the Nebraska Cornhuskers (GO BIG RED!) and my honey is an Arkansas Razorbacks fan (yeah.. exactly...) because he is currently boycotting the Ohio State Buckeyes due to all of the changes going on with the Big Ten.

Kylee is a huge football fan.  She has her own football.  ("Fooball!)  and she throws her hands up in the air and declares touchdowns with the best of them.  It's so cute to see her excited about it.  And just another thing she can bond over with her daddy.

Without going into quite the debate.. I'm just going to say that I do not support the Huskers move to the Big Ten.  I'm going to miss the teams we've played against for years.  The rivalries.  It's not a move I'm at all excited about making.  But you go where you have to go, I guess...

So I'm going to enjoy the cool Fall weather, the chili, the chips and awesome dips, the cold beers, and whatnot and cheer on my Huskers in their last season before the big switch.  Cheering right along with me .. is this cutie..

Friday, September 3, 2010

SUPER Skivvies!!! Review & Giveaway

                                       (Image is from the Super Skivvies etsy  website.)

How cute is the Super Skivvies banner?  I just love it!  Steph is one creative and talented woman!  She was also such a pleasure to work with. Very sweet and informative.

I came across Super Skivvies while I was searching etsy for cloth trainers.  I was done with store bought pull ups and using disposables.  I wanted to find a trainer that was cute, functional, and well made.  Kylee is still blessed with cute little chunky legs (although they've slimmed down a ton as she's gotten older) and I didn't want any trainers that were going to leave marks on her leg.  I also wanted a pair that had sturdy elastic in the waist so they didn't slip off of her, but ones that were easy enough that she could take them off herself.  I loved the look, design, and structure of Super Skivvies so I contacted Steph about doing a review.

At first she told me it would be a few weeks before she could get a pair made and out to me.. so I began to wait patiently.  Then, she emailed me a day or two later and said she had a pair to review AND giveaway ready to be shipped to me. That made my day! And a few days later the mailman was attacked greeted by me down at the mailbox!  I tore into the package so quick and immediately went.. "Awwww". So Cute! Immediate love and it was hard to choose which pair to keep and which pair to give for the giveaway.  I let Tim decide and I'm SO happy with the pair he chose.

We reviewed the Springtime in Oogaville pair and aren't they SO cute?!  They are a size Small (2T-3T) and fit children approximately 25-35lbs.  Kylee is right around 30-31 pounds and they fit great with some room to grow!  (Rise: 16.5", Waist: 16.5", Thigh: 11.5")  Super Skivvies measurements are unstretched.  There is a lot of stretch in the waist and thigh area.  So you don't have to worry about any of those painful looking red marks.  Kylee has no indentations or markings when she wears these and I really appreciate that.

"Super Skivvies feature one layer of soft 100% cotton interlock in the body, a rayon (from bamboo)/organic cotton velour liner in the crotch area, 100% cotton interlock waist and thigh bands, and no-roll elastic encased in the waist.

Included is a removable insert consisting of three layers rayon (from bamboo)/organic cotton fleece. Just tuck the insert into the crotch lining, and your undies are trainers!"  (From the Super Skivvies etsy shop product description)

I love the insert that comes with this trainer.  You can leave it in for training purposes or take it out if you want just plain underwear.  And when you wash your Super Skivvies, you do not have to pull the insert out, it comes out during the wash cycle.  I love that feature!  I also love how soft the insert and crotch lining is.  Even after a few washes it still all feels as soft as when we first got it!  You can also purchase additional three and five layer inserts on the Super Skivvies website!

Please note that Super Skivvies are NOT an alternative to diapers.  With the insert in the trainer there are five layers of protection which is enough to contain a single accident.  Kylee has had one accident while wearing her Super Skivvies (not a very big one) and the insert did a very good job of containing most of it and the body of the trainers was barely wet.  

So in finishing, I must say that we LOVE our Super Skivvies and plan on purchasing a couple more pairs!  Kylee really loves the "waindow haws" (rainbow hearts) pair! 

       SOOOO.. lucky readers you.. Steph has offered a little something-something for you guys!  I have a little "package" of goodies to send to one of you!  What does it contain you ask?

 (And a cute little sheet of stickers -- not pictured)

You will get a size small (2T-3T) pair of Super Skivvies, a 10% off code for your next purchase, an informational booklet, and some fun stickers! How great is that??! And how cute is that print?  Bacon, Eggs, and Toast! Yum and Adorable!

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