Thursday, September 30, 2010

Once Upon a Time..

There was a little girl named Kylee.  She had a mommy who wanted her to look oh-so-cute on Halloween.  Her mommy thought many months about the perfect costume for her little blonde beauty.

At first she was planning on dressing Kylee up as Dorothy and having her join in with her toddler friends on being the cast of  the Wizard of Oz. (In tiny people form, of course!)  But plans fell through.

So her mommy began thinking again.. and again.. and hours and hours of thought went into this decision.  FINALLY! The perfect costume for a cute and animated little girl.  (Yeah.. her mommy is kind of a genius and stuff..)

Precious Kylee would be... GOLDILOCKS!! Cute costume, no?

(That's not Kylee.  And I'm waiting on posting pictures of her in the actual costume until my Halloween post. But.. nonetheless.. it's quite possibly the cutest costume I've ever seen! )  And check out that awesome price!  I don't know about you.. but nothing irks me more than companies whose costumes  all cost $50 or more.  Yeah.. not happening!

I will say that Kylee has tried on this costume a couple of times and she LOVES it!  (I actually had to hide it away in her closet).  She loves taking all of the little bears out and loving on them.  She calls her dress "Gowocks" (yeah, cute, I know!) and loves that she gets to wear her "fancy" shoes with her costume.  And lucky girl that she is.. her costume will be added to her dress up collection once Halloween passes.

This costume may be cheaper in price than most costumes out there.  But don't let it fool you into believing  the quality is cheap.  It's thin enough that it's a breathable fabric but not thin enough that I feel like it's going to rip while she's wearing it.

So what are your little ones being for Halloween?  You should head on over to Costume Discounters and check out their selections.  It's not too late!  There are SO many cute toddler costumes.  And I spent quite a while in the girl costumes  section as well before making my final decision!  We will definitely be using Costume Discounters in the future!

*I was not compensated in any way other than receiving a Goldilocks costume to review.  These are my words. My opinions.  My thoughts. Thank you to to Charles at Costume Discounters for being such a pleasure to work with.*