Thursday, April 22, 2010

Healing Home

This has been a crazy last couple of weeks in our house.  Last week Kylee had a dermoid cyst removed from above her left eye.  It was done by a highly recommended plastic surgeon who works closely with little ones at the Children's Hospital here.  We had to get up VERY early (think 4am) so we could be at the hospital by 5:30.  It was a long day but Kylee did WONDERFUL and over a week later she's still healing but the stitches have come out.  We're just using Neosporin all day every day and it's looking great!

(That is not a cast.. It's just keeping the IV in her hand in place.)

                                           (Soo tired.  She took a very long nap when we got home)

Then on Tuesday this week I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed.  Yes, I'm a little less wise now (haha .. ha?) but I'm slowly healing.  Every day gets a little better.  The day of was horrible my mouth was so numb it was work just to swallow my own saliva and the bleeding lasted a little longer than I would have liked.  But here I am...2 days later and I'm able to eat soft foods and I get to gargle warm salt water.  Jealous, eh?

So.. we're just going to keep healing in this house and one day I know we'll all be back to 100%.  (My honey is getting his last 2 wisdom teeth taken out on Monday..poor guy..).  And I'll be posting a few reviews I need to get done later this week.  I hope everyone has a fabulous and GREEN day!  HAPPY EARTH DAY!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Dipper Winner

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Nikki said...

Congrats Nikki! And thank you everyone for entering!  Nikki I will be emailing you shortly.  You have 48 hours to respond.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PROVO who?

So my friend Jess is a craft master.  I kid you not. She's as talented as they come. Mother to three boys. She owns her own Etsy shop. She creates things that I wouldn't even imagine thinking of.  She also can decorate a cake with the best of them.  Speaking of the best of them... Her mother, Linda McClure, is one of the most talented cake artists I have ever seen.  Well I have never seen her in person but I have been to her website numerous times and watched many of her videos.  The woman has talent like I've never seen! 

So what is the point of this post? Other than singing praise to some talented mamas out there? Well.. PROVO CRAFT .. the maker of the Cricut has done Linda McClure VERY wrong.  VERY, VERY, VERY wrong.  So now I will never be making a purchase from Provo Craft. Ever. Which is sad because I've wanted a Cricut for a very long time. BUT, I refuse to support a company that would do this to anyone.

Please read Linda McClure's story here.  It's too bad the most honest and kind people in this world get taken advantage of.  Please help spread the word if you are as disgusted with Provo Craft as I am!


Hip Hop!
Hip Hop!
Easter at our house,
Was kind of a flop!

(But a very good flop!)

Yes.. I did that on purpose. And yes.. I am a nerd! So what?

Easter evening was pretty fun.  We sat around the tables with dye and eggs and had a grand time.  I also broke out the coloring books and crayons for Kylee.  And OF COURSE.. there was banana cream pie. My little family loves us some banana cream pie.

Kylee has been working on two new teeth so she wasn't feeling the greatest.  She also had a little cold and that just added to her sickies.  Her poor little cheeks were so red and chapped looking.  Put after we colored the eggs and some pictures and finished our pie I put K in some Easter-y props and snapped some pics. (Please forgive the messy face.. it was before bath and we had lasagna for dinner..)

Cute, no?

Well then Easter morning came and Kylee AND Tim were both sick!  Kylee was getting over the cold still and still trying to pop out some chompers and Tim had a chest cold.  Fun, fun, fun! So no church for us.  Kylee didn't get to wear her Easter dress.  Its okay though. It's just a cute pink sundress and she'll be able to wear it to church another time and minus all the accessories she can wear it this summer.  So no big loss. 

So Easter was spent hanging out in our pajamas.  Checking out what the Easter Bunny brought and watching movies.  By mid afternoon and after a nap.. both my loves were feeling much better.  Kylee was even running around and playing and Tim was coughing much much less.  So my sister came over Easter night to stay the night.  Kylee loved hanging out with her little cousin outside.  She kept running over to him and giving him hugs and kisses.  She's going to make a great big sister in the future! 

So while Easter wasn't what we had planned on.. I loved every minute of just being with my family!