Monday, June 28, 2010

Prepare for CSN!

I love to shop.  No. Really. I LOVE to shop.  I avoid large grocery shopping trips just so I can go to the store another day during the week. I am addicted. I really love buying things for Kylee. pretty much anything that I feel she needs.. So when I was contacted by CSN stores and asked if I wanted to do a review of something from one of their stores.. OH MY! I jumped on the opportunity.  After browsing through a few of their stores (which was barely scraping the surface since CSN has over 200 stores!) I chose a really cute tent for baby girl.  I'm thinking it can be her reading tent in her brand spanking new playroom.  Or else she could include the tent in a camp out in the playroom and sleep in there like a bed and have daddy create a "fire" and we'll all make s'mores.  And..and..and who knows?! The possibilities are endless.  I just know she's going to LOVE this tent.  So.. stay tuned folks for my amazing review and super cute pics of my darling daughter!

(This is the tent being sent for review purposes.  The children inside the tent are not included.)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Well pardon my absence.  We have been doing lots of work around the house.  We've finally got our basement refinished. Again. And we've been working on turning it into a family room/ play area.  It's still a work in progress as I type this.  We've also been getting TONS of rain lately which means our yard has been growing out of control!  We spent 2 days working out in the yard mowing, weeding, and other things which cause lots and lots of sweating.  It's been hard work.  But I am loving the results we've been getting.  Nothing feels better than a clean house that's been purged of useless crap and a yard that looks better each time I see it. 

But anyways.. my plan is to return to blogging this week.  I've got a couple of great reviews and giveaways coming your way and fun stories.  So stay tuned!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Green Bee Winner

Comment #4 was Renee from Monkeysnuggles with ...

Monkey Snuggles Mama said...

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Congrats mama! You have 48 hours to respond to the email I'm about to send you..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lost In Translation..

Kylee is at such a fun age.  She's developing into quite the hellspawn spirited little lady!  (Don't let her precious and innocent looks fool you!) She loves gaining more and more independence and learning new things on a daily basis.  She's learned how to move objects to get to something she wants (i.e. her music table to grab spices off the kitchen counter).  She's learned patience can often result in getting what you want (i.e. waiting outside the bathroom door until someone is done showering so she can run in and drop things in the toilet and laughing as mommy fishes them out....).  She's also finally started learning that "using her words" makes for one happy mommy. 

Now.. that's not to say that we still don't get frustrated when we don't understand her.. but we're all getting better at this whole communicating with a toddler thing.  So when Kylee says "die die" now.. we know she's not wanting us to come to an untimely death.. she's just saying "bye bye".  And when she asks for "moke" .. she gets her good old ice cold 2% in a sippy of her choice.  But when she came up to me a couple of weeks ago saying, "Uh oh, oop!" .. well friends.. I didn't know what the hell she was saying.  I looked at her and asked her to repeat herself (big mistake..) " UH OH, OOP!" .. and that's when she takes off for her bedroom.. so I follow.. she opens her closet door and I am then face to face with... POOP.. smashed in the carpet .. in her closet.  It took some carpet cleaner, gagging on my part, and about 10 minutes but said poop was removed from the cream colored carpet.

Lesson learned. "Uh oh, oop!"

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bummas Wipes Winner is....

(58) Christina said... 
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The Subfertile Frugalista

Congrats on finding out you're having a baby girl.  Girls are SO much fun!  You have 48 hours to respond to my email.  Enjoy your wipes!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Green Bee Review & Giveaway

"Born mid-century in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Roxanne Quimby developed an early passion for the arts and nature that was to become the central theme of her future business philosophy. In 1975, after receiving her BFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, Roxanne moved to a small town in central Maine, where she used her life savings to buy her first 30 acres of woods. She built a small cabin where she and her twins, Hannah and Lucas, lived in harmony with nature for almost fifteen years without electricity, running water or other modern conveniences.

In 1989, Roxanne and her partner Burt, a beekeeper and refugee from New York, started Burt's Bees, a cottage industry which quickly evolved into an internationally renowned personal care company with a core commitment to pure ingredients, naturally efficacious formulas and earth-friendly packaging. In 2003, Roxanne sold the now multimillion dollar company, while continuing to serve on the Board of Directors and helping ensure the company maintains its commitment to natural integrity.

With the proceeds of the sale Roxanne funded two foundations. The first awards grants to nonprofit organizations in support of the environment and the arts and the second, an operating foundation, owns and maintains 70,000 acres of wilderness in the North woods of Maine. Roxanne is also the cofounder of Maine Woods Forever, a heritage conservation organization dedicated to preserving the spirit and landscape of Maine Woods.

After a yearlong respite traveling from Antarctica to Paris, Roxanne began to crave a new challenge. As a mother, designer and lifelong environmentalist, Roxanne saw a void in children's clothing wear and a lack of awareness of the benefits of organic cotton. Thus she began to "sew" the seeds of her newest venture - happygreenbee, an all organic cotton clothing line created specifically for kids."

So there you have it..the history of Happy Green Bee.  I have to say this is by far one of the most interesting ones I've ever read about a company and their start.  I love how generous and caring Roxanne is and how much she really loves our environment.

I was so excited to get to do a review for this company.  I LOVE all things organic.  Especially clothes!  I love how organically grown cotton does not retain the harmful toxic residue that cotton clothing does.  Clothing made with organically grown cotton is pure and natural.   

Pesticide and chemically treated clothing traps heat and prevents skin from absorbing adequate moisture.  This often causes rashes and eczema on sensitive skin.  Organic contton is very breathable.  I know when Kylee has played outside while wearing this she doesn't get nearly as hot as she does in other clothing Also, children with allergies benefit from organic cotton since it does not retain residue like chemically treated cotton does.  That's a winner in my book for sure!

So what do I love about Happy Green Bee?  I love their bright and fun colors!  I also love how stretchy the material is.  I know Kylee will be wearing her very cute sports suit for this summer and possibly next depending on how much she grows during the year.  I've also had a great experience with customer service and have no complaints in that department.  Their products are made with top quality material and are very well made.  Kylee has put her outfit to the test.. and I have yet to see a single string come undone!  I may have to start hiding her sports suit because she wants to wear it every single day all day long.  It's cute but not something she should wear out to dinner with us! Thumbs WAY up to Happy Green Bee !

Lucky readers that you are.. Happy Green Bee is giving one of you the chance to pick anything of your liking from their clearance store!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend