Sunday, June 27, 2010


Makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Well pardon my absence.  We have been doing lots of work around the house.  We've finally got our basement refinished. Again. And we've been working on turning it into a family room/ play area.  It's still a work in progress as I type this.  We've also been getting TONS of rain lately which means our yard has been growing out of control!  We spent 2 days working out in the yard mowing, weeding, and other things which cause lots and lots of sweating.  It's been hard work.  But I am loving the results we've been getting.  Nothing feels better than a clean house that's been purged of useless crap and a yard that looks better each time I see it. 

But anyways.. my plan is to return to blogging this week.  I've got a couple of great reviews and giveaways coming your way and fun stories.  So stay tuned!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

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