Monday, June 14, 2010

Lost In Translation..

Kylee is at such a fun age.  She's developing into quite the hellspawn spirited little lady!  (Don't let her precious and innocent looks fool you!) She loves gaining more and more independence and learning new things on a daily basis.  She's learned how to move objects to get to something she wants (i.e. her music table to grab spices off the kitchen counter).  She's learned patience can often result in getting what you want (i.e. waiting outside the bathroom door until someone is done showering so she can run in and drop things in the toilet and laughing as mommy fishes them out....).  She's also finally started learning that "using her words" makes for one happy mommy. 

Now.. that's not to say that we still don't get frustrated when we don't understand her.. but we're all getting better at this whole communicating with a toddler thing.  So when Kylee says "die die" now.. we know she's not wanting us to come to an untimely death.. she's just saying "bye bye".  And when she asks for "moke" .. she gets her good old ice cold 2% in a sippy of her choice.  But when she came up to me a couple of weeks ago saying, "Uh oh, oop!" .. well friends.. I didn't know what the hell she was saying.  I looked at her and asked her to repeat herself (big mistake..) " UH OH, OOP!" .. and that's when she takes off for her bedroom.. so I follow.. she opens her closet door and I am then face to face with... POOP.. smashed in the carpet .. in her closet.  It took some carpet cleaner, gagging on my part, and about 10 minutes but said poop was removed from the cream colored carpet.

Lesson learned. "Uh oh, oop!"