Friday, September 25, 2009

Moby Wrap: Save my Back!

So I have no complaints about our stroller. It's amazing and I looo-oooove it! But..there are times when I want to run into the store for an item or two...or places we go where it's just not very stroller-friendly. Times like would be nice to have something that would make carrying an almost 23lb 10 month old a tad bit easier. So, when I found out that Kelly, from Baby, Naturally was having a giveaway for a Moby Wrap, I was ecstatic! This giveaway is in honor of International Babywearing Week too, of course! So hop on over and give it a go and try to win yourself a Moby Wrap to keep that precious bundle of yours close and comforted.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fuzzi Fuzzi Fuzzi Bunz!

Yes..that's right I said Fuzzi three times..and that's because..
Over at The First Time Around there's a giveaway going on to win 3 Fuzzibunz OS diapers. That's right folks. Count em.. 1..2..3 diapers! And who doesn't want to win that? I know I sure do! We have one Fuzzibunz in this house, and I love it! We don't have an OS though, and I would LOVE to try them out. So go on over, check it out, enter if you dare, and pray that we you win!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Win Sum Dypaz!


Cloth Diaper Tips is giving away 6..yes 6 bumGenius 3.0 diapers! Which is an amazing offer and even a greater win for one lucky mama (or papa I guess..). So I'm really hoping it's me because we haven't tried the bumGenius diapers yet and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to as I've heard nothing but great things about them. There's a possibility of 5 entries..and I'm hoping that's enough to get me the win! So go check it out..enter..and when I win, cheer me on and if you feel like it send me more free diapers! We love em here!

OH poops!

Yep..that's pretty much what I've been up to lately. Kylee has had the world's worst diarrhea which has also resulted in the world's worst diaper rash. Luckily two days later it's finally starting to clear up and hopefully all the toast I've been putting in this little lady will start kicking in and things will go back to normal. I'm thinking it may be the result of her eating her weight in Chili's food AND teething. I don't care (I do...) what's causing it..I just want it to stop! I've been COATING her butt in rash cream we got from the hospital after I wipe her off w/ some butt cubes spray and a cloth wipe...and slowly we've been getting some progress. Sadly..we have switched back to sposies for the time being because my washing machine doesn't even deserve to be ran as many times as we'd need to if she were in cloth. (We don't have any flushable liners or she would still be in cloth) I kid you not when I say I've been changing her diapers anywhere from 2-4 times PER HOUR! As soon as I hear the dreaded sound..I'm on her like a moth to a flame. Because I know the longer it sits in there..the worst the rash will get. It's a good thing Kylee is a fan of Pedialyte because she's been swimming in it for a day and a half now. We're avoiding dehydration and Kylee thinks she's getting a yummy grape treat. She has been in GREAT spirits though which is why I've decided it's a reaction to something she ate and not a virus. She hasn't had a fever either. I'm not a doctor..but I've decided she's not sick, but her bum is reacting from something her royal chubbiness ate a couple days ago.

In other "medical" news..Kylee will be having surgery on her tear duct to open that sucker up. This poor girl wakes up with her eye matted shut, her eye is constantly watering and gooping, and quite frankly we're both tired of it. It's a really simple procedure with a 95% success rate on the first go. So odds are in our favor. Right now we're just sorting out and dealing with the insurance company to get her approved. We switched insurance companies almost 2 months ago..and so we're trying to get the "pre-existing" crap waved. I tell companies are quite the pain in the ass. If they don't wave this...not only will I be one pissed mama they don't want to deal with...but I think we're just going to have to wait it out until it finally decides to go away. I mean..I've never met someone my age with a clogged tear I'm sure she'll eventually grow out of it. But it's just something we want to get resolved now because it's getting harder and harder to pin this girl down to wipe crusty booger looking blobs out of her eye just so she can see out of both eyes.

Yummy eye booger creeping down onto her cheek

While I'm blogging, I guess I could give a little update on the chunky angel. She's 22+ lbs now and getting "taller" it seems every day. Or maybe it just seems that way because she's learned to stand on tiptoe and find everything I try and stash away 'out of her sight'. I have contemplated boxing up the whole house except the couch, tv, computer, and her toys. It really has crossed my mind. She's still a crawling machine and gets around quite quickly. She's also thrown some walking into the mix..of course she has to hold onto something to make any distance. Usually she's holding onto someones hand, her walking toy, or objects around the house. She gets around our house just fine independently..she just holds onto everything and the walls. She's starting to refuse the bottle unless she's starving and loves drinking out of her straw sippy cup. She doesn't eat any baby food anymore (except some of the Graduates snacks) and eats pretty much everything we do. Her favorites are toast, bananas, spaghetti w/ meatballs, and hamburgers. This girl loves her meat and breads. She's not a juice girl (which I don't mind at all) but she loves her ice water. She's still very addicted to books and music and her baby friends. I can't believe she's going to be 10 months old tomorrow. I say it all the time..but time is just going SO fast.