Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dedication Pays Off

Towards the end of our summer there were many days that Kylee and I stayed home.  We didn't leave to do anything.  Well.. we played out back a little bit.  But mostly we stayed inside.  Why?  Potty training!  She's been casually training for a couple of months now and doing alright.  But, we finally ditched the pull ups because she was just treating them like diapers.  We did the run-around-naked-and-hopefully-make-it-on-the-toilet method.  We put her potty chair in the living room right in between the couch and the tv stand.  I would put her on it every 30-45 minutes and we would talk about going pee and poop.  We would read books. We would sing songs.  And sometimes it would only take a minute or two and she would go.  Other times it would take 10 minutes before she would go.  (Of course there were times she didn't even go at all and then would stand up and pee on the carpet.  Fun..)

Anyways.. a few days of that and lots of carpet cleaning and one weekend it just CLICKED!  She started using the potty all on her own!  I kept it in the same spot for a week and then moved it back to the bathroom.  She didn't dig peeing in the bathroom on her little potty chair.  So I put it back in the living room.  I mean.. people that come over won't mind watching my 20-month-old pee.. right?  *sigh*

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we were planning a trip to the zoo with some friends and their cute kids.  I didn't want Kylee to wear a diaper to the zoo.  I didn't want to send her mixed messages.  SO.. I took the seat part out of her potty and put it on the toilet.  I figured if I could get her to pee on the big potty then she could wear her underwear to the zoo and use the toilet.  We had ONE day to get this.  The morning got crazy hectic so I actually didn't end up putting the seat on the toilet until the early afternoon.  And wouldn't you know.. she went on it with no problem!  Like she'd been doing it for years.  SO.. I dressed her the next morning and went the underwear route and packed 2 changes of clothes and a diaper. (Just in case)  Grabbed the potty seat and crossed my fingers.  And my girl.. did PERFECT! Asked to use the potty and everything! No accidents!  Even drank 2 full sippy cups of water and stayed dry!  I cried a little on the inside (and outside).  Because during the day... we are now DIAPER FREE!!

                                            Good job, K!  Mommy is so proud!

Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Broken.

Yes.. our precious air conditioner is broken. Again.

It broke about the same time last week.  They added some freon to it and we were back in business.

Then yesterday.. same issues came back and we were left without any air.

On a day when the temp was 91 but with humidity and all that jazz felt like 98 degrees.

Our house got up to 87 and I'm pretty sure we all sweat out the calories we consumed during dinner.

Repair guy is coming back out this morning.  Fixing something different this time.

Seeing as how the temps are going to be high again today, I'm very glad they're coming out in the morning.

It has also given me a new prospective to the lives of others. 

People who always live without air conditioning.  People who can't afford to buy fans to put in their windows.

People with children who live like this.

Me? Well I was a little more crabby, unable to think clearly, and mad at the world (at the time).

But what about people who ALWAYS live like this?  How do they manage?  

So while I'm very glad that our air conditioner is getting fixed this morning.. I need  to realize that it's a privilege to have cool air when I want it.  Not something I should take for granted.  Something I should feel blessed that I have.

But yeah.. our a/c is broken and my mind hasn't been in blogging mode at all.  But stay tuned because I have another review and giveaway coming up for a pair of cloth trainers and a review for CSN stores.  And maybe some blogging about family life and changes we're coming into.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Green Sprouts Winner

Sorry for the delay in drawing the winner. It's been a crazy last couple of days in our house.  Lots of changes going on.  Anyways.. the winner is...


jdeemarie said...

I tweeted:

Looks like all that tweeting paid off mama! I'll be emailing you shortly and you have 48 hours to return the email before I have to draw a new winner.  Congrats!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Dog

16 years ago you came into our lives...


My sister named you that after The Lion King.

I thought it was a silly name for a dog.

16 years ago you taught me to love unconditionally...

Even when you chewed on my stuff or peed on the carpet.

I loved you.

Watching you dig holes in the backyard with Sarah, as if you guys were trying to reach the core of the Earth.

Taking you on long walks and rollerblading through the park.

Surviving and staying strong with faith when you ran away for those 2 days.

You came back to us though.

Your family.

Sneaking you Doritos and apple juice when no one was watching.

Cuddling up with you even though it was the dead of summer and a hundred degrees outside.



Talking to you late at night when I was down and knowing you would not judge me.

Inviting you over when I first moved away from home.  Feeding you a 12pk of hot dogs because I didn't have any dog food at my house.

Trying to get you to wear bows in your hair.  You were having none of that!

Squirting you with the hose and watching you attack the water.  Laughing until I could laugh no longer.

Swimming in the horse tank and laughing at your aquatic "skills".. don't all dogs know the doggy paddle?

Coming home to discover you ate more than half a box of Fruit Loops.  That was some colorful vomit.

Car rides. Drooled up windows. Hairy seats. Rockin' music!

Drive thru windows. "Can I have a plain hamburger and a glass of water for my dog?"

Naps on the couch.

You curled up in between my legs at night. Not being able to move. But I didn't mind.

16 years ago you came into our lives...

You became a member of our family.

Today.. I say goodbye to you sweet dog.

You may be gone from us but you will never be forgotten.

Rest in peace my sweet puppy.

Your pain is gone and you are free.

I love you.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Serving Up with CSN Stores

If you're anything like me you love to host a good party now and then.  I don't do it very often, so when I do I have to make sure it's very nice!  Along with making sure all the food is perfect, a great host must bring out the best dinnerware sets possible! CSN stores is the place to go for your casual and everyday, formal and fine, and holiday dinnerware.  Their selection and prices can't be beat!  And I'm sure your guests will appreciate all the work you'll go through finding the perfect dinnerware for them to eat off of!  (Little do they know how easy and quick it is to shop any of the 200+ stores on CSNstores.com)

Please stay tuned for some more of CSN stores goodness!