Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Broken.

Yes.. our precious air conditioner is broken. Again.

It broke about the same time last week.  They added some freon to it and we were back in business.

Then yesterday.. same issues came back and we were left without any air.

On a day when the temp was 91 but with humidity and all that jazz felt like 98 degrees.

Our house got up to 87 and I'm pretty sure we all sweat out the calories we consumed during dinner.

Repair guy is coming back out this morning.  Fixing something different this time.

Seeing as how the temps are going to be high again today, I'm very glad they're coming out in the morning.

It has also given me a new prospective to the lives of others. 

People who always live without air conditioning.  People who can't afford to buy fans to put in their windows.

People with children who live like this.

Me? Well I was a little more crabby, unable to think clearly, and mad at the world (at the time).

But what about people who ALWAYS live like this?  How do they manage?  

So while I'm very glad that our air conditioner is getting fixed this morning.. I need  to realize that it's a privilege to have cool air when I want it.  Not something I should take for granted.  Something I should feel blessed that I have.

But yeah.. our a/c is broken and my mind hasn't been in blogging mode at all.  But stay tuned because I have another review and giveaway coming up for a pair of cloth trainers and a review for CSN stores.  And maybe some blogging about family life and changes we're coming into.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Jessica said...

When I was younger (in the house w/ no hallways) we didn't have central AC. There were window units in the living room, my parents bedroom, and the kitchen. THat was it. And we lived in LA where the temps were always high. We had ceiling fans and window fans, but it just wasn't the same as AC. They still don't have AC (it's what my mom is demanding santa bring for christmas) but they have window units in every room now. Now that I don't live there!

Dell Ledermann said...

Covers are great for air-conditioners, it provides air flow so moisture and humidity can pass through, plus it protects your air conditioner's internal parts which is good, it would be great if you have one.

Clarence Corlett said...

How can you blog when you’re sweating buckets because of the heat? If I had been in your position, I’d have been too cranky to write anything sensible. Anyway, is it still with your AC? What’s the problem with it? Maybe you need a new repairman if it can’t be fixed for good by the same guy? Just saying, though. =) Clarence Corlett @ Berico