Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Dog

16 years ago you came into our lives...


My sister named you that after The Lion King.

I thought it was a silly name for a dog.

16 years ago you taught me to love unconditionally...

Even when you chewed on my stuff or peed on the carpet.

I loved you.

Watching you dig holes in the backyard with Sarah, as if you guys were trying to reach the core of the Earth.

Taking you on long walks and rollerblading through the park.

Surviving and staying strong with faith when you ran away for those 2 days.

You came back to us though.

Your family.

Sneaking you Doritos and apple juice when no one was watching.

Cuddling up with you even though it was the dead of summer and a hundred degrees outside.



Talking to you late at night when I was down and knowing you would not judge me.

Inviting you over when I first moved away from home.  Feeding you a 12pk of hot dogs because I didn't have any dog food at my house.

Trying to get you to wear bows in your hair.  You were having none of that!

Squirting you with the hose and watching you attack the water.  Laughing until I could laugh no longer.

Swimming in the horse tank and laughing at your aquatic "skills".. don't all dogs know the doggy paddle?

Coming home to discover you ate more than half a box of Fruit Loops.  That was some colorful vomit.

Car rides. Drooled up windows. Hairy seats. Rockin' music!

Drive thru windows. "Can I have a plain hamburger and a glass of water for my dog?"

Naps on the couch.

You curled up in between my legs at night. Not being able to move. But I didn't mind.

16 years ago you came into our lives...

You became a member of our family.

Today.. I say goodbye to you sweet dog.

You may be gone from us but you will never be forgotten.

Rest in peace my sweet puppy.

Your pain is gone and you are free.

I love you.