Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PROVO who?

So my friend Jess is a craft master.  I kid you not. She's as talented as they come. Mother to three boys. She owns her own Etsy shop. She creates things that I wouldn't even imagine thinking of.  She also can decorate a cake with the best of them.  Speaking of the best of them... Her mother, Linda McClure, is one of the most talented cake artists I have ever seen.  Well I have never seen her in person but I have been to her website numerous times and watched many of her videos.  The woman has talent like I've never seen! 

So what is the point of this post? Other than singing praise to some talented mamas out there? Well.. PROVO CRAFT .. the maker of the Cricut has done Linda McClure VERY wrong.  VERY, VERY, VERY wrong.  So now I will never be making a purchase from Provo Craft. Ever. Which is sad because I've wanted a Cricut for a very long time. BUT, I refuse to support a company that would do this to anyone.

Please read Linda McClure's story here.  It's too bad the most honest and kind people in this world get taken advantage of.  Please help spread the word if you are as disgusted with Provo Craft as I am!


Anonymous said...

Here's a brief statement from Provo Craft about Linda McClure's "real story" post

G D said...

I work for a large company. This response so looks like somethign straight out the legal department of a large company. I am inclined to believe Mrs. McClure. I am so sorry she was not able to do what was needed to protect herself from corporate vultures. I beleive in a higher power. I truly believe it will work out for her in the end. My God gives gifts to angles. Mrs. McClure is an angel with a gift she shared. Her blessings will come...Starfish Scrapper

Jessica said...

I agree with GD. Let PC laugh now cause Linda knows the truth and they know the truth and they know their "statement" is a pile of poo to cover their butts.

Lou Ann said...

I love Lindas DVD,s I so believe her. Provo has done this to other designers I talked to the gal personally who designed the sports cartridge, you ill never see her name either because they $#@*& her also after they got the deisgns and made the cartridge. Support Linda buy a DVD!!