Sunday, August 30, 2009

Speed Demon!

So we got a walker toy for Kylee from my MOM friend, Lindsay. Let me just say.. Kylee LOVES it! She looks for it when she gets up in the morning, after naps, etc. She has been so fast w/ walking from the very first time she tried it out. Steering on the other hand...she's gonna need some practice..or maybe take some driver's ed. But it's my go to toy when she's being cranky and normally it puts her in a good mood right away. Best $5 I've ever spent. We're working on getting a spare to have for grandma's house, aunt and uncle's house..pretty much anywhere that's not at home. Enjoy the video...Kylee does. She cried when I quit letting her watch it (she LOVES herself) and had her do something else (she watched it seriously 8 times!)

I apologize for the poor quality video..who wants to buy me an actual video recorder so I can stop using my camera? Eh?