Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dream Eze AIO Review

So thanks to the Fluff Friday giveaways over at The Cloth Diaper Whisperer website.. I was able to win 2 Dream Eze AIO cloth diapers a few weeks ago. I hadn't tried an AIO on Kylee before and was really excited to see how they held up. So as soon as they were delivered I popped those babies in the washer and gave them two good washings on the hot cycle and dried them. We received a Mandarin and a Blackberry and the color did not fade a bit in the washing machine. After a few hours of waiting..I snapped one on her precious bottom. did they hold up? What are the pros and cons? Well... let me tell you. BUT first, I'll give you a few facts and whatnot on the Dream Eze AIO diaper.

*Convenient -- no pockets to stuff/unstuff.
*Simple to use --great for dads and daycares
*Certified Organic peroxide bleached, cotton inner, no synthetics.
*Absorbent. The most absorbent AlO available on the market today
*Waterproof soft TPU outer
*Unique soaker design means your Dream-Eze AlOs will be easy to clean and quick to dry
*Durable snap worry about fraying

Alright... you still with me? So those are some basic facts about the Dream Eze AIO. The nice thing about AIOs is they're are SO simple and anyone should be able to use them without complication. do we like the Dream Eze in this house? Well..I have mixed feelings about them. At first I was ready to toss them in the trash or turn the liners into rags for cleaning around my house because I was fed up with the quality of the diaper. I put one on Kylee for 2 hours and when I changed her the first liner was wet..but not completely soaked and the 2nd liner was barely even damp. I was pretty amazed. THEN came nap time. I figured since the Dream Eze had held up so great for the previous 2 hours, surely it could hold up for nap time. So, I put another one on her bum, put her in her crib, and officially began "Operation Dry Sheets Naptime".. or so I thought... almost 3 hours later I went and got my princess. What did I find? A SOAKED sheet!!! I rescued my daughter from her small lagoon very wet bed and removed her diaper. The top liner was wet, the bottom liner was dry..which led me to believe that my poor tummy sleeper baby had fallen victim to a leak coming straight from the top of her diaper. I tossed both diapers in the washing machine and washed them 4 cycles on hot and dried them again. Next day..repeat Day 1..another leak!! Not as bad..but still wet sheet! Ugh! So I held off on this diaper for nap time for a while and just kept it in the daytime diaper cycle. Well.. today after these diapers had gone through many hot washes..I decided to try one for naptime again. So almost 3 hours later..I go in.. and what do I find? DRY SHEETS!! So I'm guessing these are the kind of diapers that need lots of hot washes before they start becoming absorbant. I'm glad they finally are starting to do their job!

SO..aside from needing many washing before becoming absorbant..what are the other downsides to this diaper you ask? Well... there are only 4 color options to choose from. Which isn't a horrible thing..but I do like some variety in life. Another thing is the elastic that is at the back of the diaper is SO tight that it does leave some markings on my daughter's back. They're not terrible..but it's a reason that I don't grab for this diaper first. Another issue I have is that these diapers take SO long to dry. Which I know is very common with AIOs. But it is something that is a negative in my book.

Dream Eze AIO diapers have a very narrow crotch which I thought I was going to hate and it was going to leak because of this reason. turns out I have grown to like the narrow crotch and it makes for a better fit. SO.. overall.. this diaper isn't horrible. But it's not the first diaper I go for..maybe the 3rd or 4th. It's great for daytime and naptime but I don't dare use it for overnight.


Anna said...

A tip that came from the Natural Baby Co. to make their diapers dry faster, throw in a dry bath towel with them. I've tried it with my Gro Baby dipes, which take forever to dry. It seriously cut about half the time off drying.