Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gro Baby

I would really like to try out the Gro Baby company. The blackberry shell set looks very appealing! What I love about Gro Baby is that they have snap in soaker pads and reusable outter shells. I like simplicity with quality and Gro Baby seems to have that. My daughter has eczema and very sensitive skin and I think Gro Baby will do a great job in preventing diaper rash as well as keeping her little bum comfy due to the soft organic cotton inside of their diapers. My sweet baby girl also has a narrow waist but very chunky thighs and I think Gro Baby would be an amazing diaper when it comes to preventing leaks because their diapers have adjustable snaps to get that snug but not too tight fit. I would be very pleased if I was able to receive a Gro Baby from the offer going on at . I think my daughter would also be very pleased!


HappilyDomestic said...

I found your blog because I saw that you entered a CD giveaway at The Cloth Diaper Whisperer. I have a new blog called HappilyDomestic and am trying my hand at doing a review/giveaway myself. Wanted to let you know so that you can get in on the giveaway! Winner will receive a one-size Haute Pockets diaper. I hope that you will stop by and enter and enjoy reading my blog as well.
Here is the link for the giveaway: