Monday, July 20, 2009

Growing Like a Weed

Yes..that would be my daughter. The world's most beautiful, humorous, and amazing "weed". Only she's not really a weed. But she sure is growing like one. I'm very excited to get her stats next month and see just how much she has grown. I know my arms get sore after about 4.5 seconds of carrying her around. She's looking taller and her brains are clearly growing because her noggin is getting somewhat bigger.

Along with her growing..her love of food is blossoming as well. This girl LOVES to eat! Her favorites include Cheerios, berry applesauce, toast, steamed broccoli, and yogurt. We occasionally still do stage 3 foods but she's mostly eating whatever we eat. (Usually because when she sees us eating she starts a small riot..demanding our food in her belly). She does really great with her sippy cup too and loves ice water. She's not a fan of juice..which I don't mind at all. She's still working on her pincher grip because she's having difficulty getting her cheerios from her hand into her mouth. It's a work in progress.

She is also working on crawling. It's SO close to being there. She makes the crawling motion and will even move a small distance. But she hasn't made consistent crawling motions. It's only a matter of time..and while I am also means that absolutely nothing will be safe any longer. She really loves to walk. Of course she isn't doing it by herself but she loves it when you hold her hands and let her walk with you. Down the halls...outside in the the the bathtub..pretty much anywhere her feet touch. She has almost got the hang of pulling herself up too. I'm really intrigued to see what this next month brings us.

One thing she does JUST FINE is screech scream so loud it makes our eyes and ears bleed vocalize. She babbles mostly but does say "dada" "dad" "mum" (what is she, British?) "no" "eye" (which is what she repeats after you say hi to her five thousand a few times) and ""oh". It's so sweet! She also screams, yells, hollers, and whines with no problem. It's not so sweet!

I say this all the time... BUT..I really can't believe 8 months have already gone by. I really can't believe she will be a year old in 4 months. I really can't believe my baby is getting so big. Everyone always says to cherish the times when they are this little because it goes so fast. It really does. I feel like I've blinked a few times since leaving the hospital with her..and here we are. Being a mother...especially to this baby's the best a most wonderful experience I've ever had. I never imagined I would love being a mother this much. It is my greatest accomplishment in life and I can't imagine existing without her (and Tim..but this IS Kylee's post after all... lol). Here's to hoping life slows down a little bit..and I stop blinking.

I love you Kylee Lynn. Always. Forever.