Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wherefore Art Thou?

Summer days.. it's you I'm talking to!
Where have you gone?

I am refusing to believe that August is less than two weeks away!  How is that even possible?

It has been such a hot summer.  Skin-melting-hotter-than-hot kind of weather.  Our yard has taken such a beating.  We've gotten a shit-ton    our fair share of rain and then some.  We've had flooding all around us and I swear you combine that and the crazy humid temperatures we've been having and it's no wonder the mosquitos have been out in packs.  Tim.. bless his heart.. loves sitting outside at night and having a few cold beers.  I do too. But NOT in the summer! I have no desire to become any insects source of a blood transfusion. Get back to me when the temps drop and those damn things leave!

When it's possible to go outside and not melt into a puddle before you get out of the driveway, we have!  We've enjoyed time at the pool and splash station, the park, the library party, the lake, a couple of parades and festivals, and going for ice cream!  Nothing super adventurous has gone on.  But.. I think that's what I've liked about this summer.  It has been so relaxing and chill.  Exactly what we needed!

So.. while I'm sad to see the summer days go soon...  I've got arms wide open to welcome slightly cooler temperatures and bug free zones!  I'm not looking forward to the snow and freezing temperatures again. So.. maybe.. Autumn can stick around for a while. A VERY long while...

   Hey, a girl can dream, right?!

What has your family been doing this summer??

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Jenn Erickson said...

I'm feeling the same way about summer, although, weatherwise, it seems like it never even started here. I think we had one or two days of sun and the rest was fog. Still waiting for the summer weather, but glad we weren't melting in to puddles either.