Saturday, July 10, 2010


Yes.. it IS July 10th.  Yes.. I am just now getting around to putting up my 4th of July post.  Not that I have to explain myself but.. I haven't been able to use my computer for a few days. WHY? Because.. my sister decided that my computer needed a few hellacious trojan viruses.  I mean really.. only the cool people have them.  I couldn't even get past the Windows welcome screen.  How wonderful is that? It's not. It sucked. I contemplated death to my sister a couple of times.. I won't lie.  Because, you see, I am a lover of all things photography.  BUT.. I'm terrible when it comes to organizing, editing, etc.  I'm also horrible when it comes to backing them up.  Which means  bajillions  thousands of my photographs were in jeopardy of becoming.. "extinct" !!  Luckily my aunt knows someone who knows someone.. well anyways, this someone gave my aunt instructions (from Portugal!) on how to fix my computer.  And.. VOILA! Here I am again.  Anyways...

Saturday night we went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings because my friend works there AND I love their wings.  After dinner we went to the park for a bit and then home to cover ourselves in bug repellent, grab some drinks and snacks, and head to a neighborhood park area.  They were having a huge fireworks show.  The parking was crazy when we got there and after driving around for about 10 minutes we found a good spot and started the hike to the park which took less than 10 minutes.  The show was really great.  I was worried Kylee would hate it.  (As she tends to hate lots of loud noises and puts her hands over her ears)  But.. she was armed with her apple juice, Dora fruit snacks, and she really enjoyed the show and kept saying "pretty".  Back home and she went straight to bed about 10:15ish. 

Now as mother nature frequently loves to do.. she decided to rain on our actual 4th of July.  Literally.  All morning it rained and poured and rained some more.  So that parade we were going to go to? Didn't happen.  Instead.. Tim went to work (which he was scheduled to do anyways) and Kylee and I went to WalMart.  Kylee got a new toy to play with (a moving, meowing, purring cat) and I picked up some paint and accessories to give our bathroom a little makeover.  So we came home and Kylee played with her kitty, ate fruit snacks, and watched Barney.  I started in on the bathroom.  (And finished in about 2 hours since our bathroom is not that big at all..)

Nap ensued.

Then when Kylee woke up we decided to pack it up and head to dinner.  After driving around and realizing the two places we really wanted to eat at were closed (*sigh*) we decided to eat at IHOP.  I mean really.. if you don't love breakfast for dinner.. I don't know if we can be friends.  So we grubbed on pancakes, hash browns, eggs, fruit, etc. and then rolled our bodies home.  We sat out in our neighbor's driveway and watched everyone who had come to the top of our circle shoot off fireworks.  The highlight of Kylee's night was getting to feed the neighbor's dog a grilled hot dog.  She LOVES dogs and she kept saying "nom nom nom" with each bite Body (the dog) took. It was SO cute.  Finally about 11:15 she started getting really tired and went straight to bed.  It was a really relaxing weekend and I enjoyed all the family time.  Getting Kylee back on her sleeping schedule took a couple of days but it was totally worth it!  I hope you and your family had a wonderful time celebrating the independence of our country and managed to give thanks to the soldiers who are away from their loved ones fighting for our freedom.