Sunday, July 25, 2010

Many Stages of "What's that?"

Kylee talks.
A lot.
I love it.
Sometimes.. I hate it.

When she first started talking it was OH SO DARN CUTE!  Every new word she said we would clap, cheer, oooh, and ahhh over.  (And still do)

But.. there's one thing I could have lived without her learning..


It's cute to hear her say it. The first time. Even the second time. But after roughly hearing it 7,892 times in a day. My ears hold up the white flag and surrender.  Please. Please make it stop.

The phrase "What's that" has gone through many stages during it's first learning.

"Wu za" .. is how it came out first.  It was so cute. Especially since it was only being said 2 or 3 times a day.

"Whu zat" .. even cuter!  And still not said all that often so I'm still loving hearing it!

"Weez dat" ... HILARIOUS to hear.. but now it's being said about 1200 times a day. Starting to lose the cuteness factor.

Now ladies (and possible gentlemen..) we have...

                      "WHA IS ZAT?" said almost a good 10,000 times every 2-3 hours.

Heaven help me.  She points. Asks. I tell her. She points again like her hearing went out and she didn't receive the message of what said thing was.  Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.  And don't you DARE pretend you didn't hear her because she only gets louder and more in your face.

And suddenly things she's pretty much always known what are have lost their name in her mind.  Really Kylee.. you don't know who you are? Do I have to tell you that it's "you, Kylee" to 81 pictures in an album?  Do I have to tell you that your baby dolls are your baby dolls and your kitty cats are your kitty cats? You know this girl.  Why must you torture your mama? 

So.. you.. you evil "What's That Stage" I say to you.. GO AWAY!  Or at least tone is down a helluva lot tiny bit.  Please?