Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

What's that you ask?

Why is my Christmas post so late?

Well...that's a good question.

Answer is... I've been a slacker. A very big slacker.

Well Christmas has come and gone. (As well as New Year's Day for that matter). And I just thought I would throw up some pictures and tell you all about our holidays. (Or lack of).

This was the first Christmas in my entire life that was not spent with family. Mother Nature decided to drop assloads quite a large amount of snow on us during the holidays. It started with some rain a couple of days before Christmas... yes.. RAIN! Then  it snowed. And snowed. get the picture. Thursday it snowed. Friday it snowed. Saturday it snowed a little more. Then it was done. What was the end result? Tons of snow, impassable streets, 5 foot snow drifts, and us. Trapped in the house.

Anyways, Christmas Eve we watched some Christmas movies, hung out (because really what else were we going to do), and watched the snow fall. Kylee got to open up one of her presents and of course..she wanted the big one. Which turned out to be a baby stroller. So of course we had to let her open the package that contained her baby doll. Because who just wants to push around an empty stroller? She was so excited about the things coming out of her packages. She was very serious while opening them though. Silly girl! She played and stayed up late (9:30 is late for this girl).

Christmas morning she opened the rest of her presents. We colored. Built with Mega Blocks. Tried on new clothes. Listened to music. Danced. (Realized we were still trapped in the house). Watched movies. Napped. Oh and did I mention.. we watched the snow fall. Joy. Later that night I made us Christmas dinner. (My very first time making Christmas dinner by the way. Which probably explains why the ham was so dry. Oops.). We also played some video games on Tim's new PS3. Had a few drinks. Went to sleep. (Yes, it was still snowing).

So while our Christmas was pretty uneventful (Other than the amazing joy I felt watching my beautiful baby girl get so much enjoyment out of opening her packages to find awesome gifts.) I felt SO blessed to be with my family. We were all happy, healthy, and equally pissed at Mother Nature. What else could you ask for?

* I did finally venture out Saturday night to run to the store. It was pure craziness on the streets. Lesson learned*


Nancy said...

This actually sounds like a very nice Christmas. I wish I was snowed in on Christmas and didn't have to go anywhere LOL. I love my family but just a quiet Christmas at home sounds wonderful!

Looks like K loved her Mega blocks. Emma got some too! Emma doesn't build though, just holds them and looks at them, which is good enough for her right now.