Sunday, January 17, 2010

Box Baby

My daughter LOVES boxes.  Boxes of all shapes and sizes.  Big boxes. Little boxes. Square boxes. Rectangle boxes.  So when we got her new car seat OF COURSE she needed the box.  She's been playing in it for weeks.  Yesterday we got her a pretty pink potty chair and OF COURSE she needed the box.  The car seat box has just been sitting in our living/dining area looking so bland and boring.  So, my mission this weekend was to spice it up!  And spice it up I did. I covered the box in white paper ALL over and made a few "windows" and then me and Kylee drew pictures everywhere!  To finish it off I sealed our precious drawings in with packaging tape.  This was done with the idea that it would keep our beautiful project looking beautiful longer... and Kylee couldn't rip the papers off!  Win-Win!    Her potty chair box we just cut a hole in so she could see out and she walks around with it on her head laughing and giggling.  

Silly girl playing in the potty chair box!

The front entrance to the fun play box! Enter Princess Kylee!

Please don't be jealous of my amazing artistic abilities.. HAHA!

The other side..and the 2 windows/openings

Top view of Kylee in her fun play box!

The back view!

I love watching her play in her boxes.  She takes her stuffed animals in there, she reads books in there, she feeds her baby dolls in there, and sometimes she takes her snacks in there.  It's so amazing to watch her little mind grow and develop.  She's becoming so creative and has such a wonderful imagination. 


Joanna said...

This is why we need you back in our life at school! You should come and work on our Valentine's window! We miss you! Come visit!

Sarah said...

That is so stinkin' cute!!!!