Monday, January 11, 2010

Hello There Mrs Panda Bear!

So we were lucky enough to win a Buddy Tops from Jessica's blog giveaway in December.  I was soooo thrilled because Kylee LOVES to wear hats! (Mostly her daddy's football ones!)  So we had to pick which animal we would like.  We chose Ah Wah the adventurous Panda!  "Ah Wah comes from a far away land to make new pals, so make sure you take him out to meet all your friends! It's always an exciting adventure whenever you're with this world-traveling Buddytop!"  That was taken from the Buddy Tops website and I couldn't agree more!  We just got it in the mail today and Kylee has not removed it from her head.  She's been running around and laughing and we even played hide-n-seek in her bedroom while she was wearing her Ah Wah panda hat!  She hid on the side of her crib which made her looked like she was caged in!  (I dont love seeing a caged animal... but when it's my child in a SUPER cute animal's sooo picture worthy!)  Enjoy!  And I'm guessing you should probably head on over to Buddy Tops and get one. ASAP!  You won't regret it!

Hello There Mrs. Panda Bear!

Oh no!! The panda is on the run!!

It's okay..she's in her "cage"!!

Just kidding! We would never cage this too-cute-for-words panda!!