Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ignorance is Breeding

So this whole post is going to be one giant rant. So if you're not into listening to me bitch about how tired I am of ignorant may want to direct your browser elsewhere.

I think of myself as a pretty easy going person. I tend to educate the uniformed rather than jump down their throats. I said I tend doesn't ALWAYS happen. But..I realize..not everyone knows everything about all things. Myself included, of course. But give me a freakin break..are you going to tell me you weren't raised learning respect, common courtesy, and learning how to ...keep-your-damn-mouth-shut-if-what-you're-going-to-say-could-be-offensive?? I seems pretty simple to me. It's something I plan on teaching my own children. But apparently...not every family thinks the same way.

The purpose of this post is that I am SO tired of informing people of how I am related to daughter...the life that was conceived and GREW INSIDE OF MY BODY!! Not that it's any of their business. I could be her hired nanny or her kidnapper...but NO, I am her mother. Yes..I am biracial...yes she has her father's skin tone..which believe it or not..happens to be WHITE (most of the year anyway..unless I force him out into the evils known as ..sunshine). Now, just because you see me composed of olive skin and black hair...and a beautiful baby girl with light brown/blonde hair and pale skin...this does NOT mean I am:
A> Her babysitter
B> Her ADOPTED mother
C> An extended family member (i.e. her aunt)

So save your face from meeting a fist...NEVER..I repeat NEVER..question a relationship status of someone based solely on their skin color. It's tacky and disrespectful. So when I'm at Wal-hell please don't look at my daughter and say.."Look at all the yummy food your babysitter is getting're a lucky girl!" ...because I will jump over the damned register and beat your face into the dirty, mucked up floor you stand on day in and day out. I mean..seriously..who says that?!?! Also..never ask me if I adopted her. You look like trash and you sound like trash and I will pass my baby to the person standing nearest to me and I will repeat the attack I blessed the Wal-hell cashier with. No joke.

I would never in my LIFE ever ask anyone some of the questions I've been asked about how I'm related to my daughter. Never. Yes. I am a BI-RACIAL mother who had a baby with a WHITE man..and believe it the f$#@ baby did get BOTH of our DNA's...and she did come out with my eye shape..but her father's color. My lips but her father's chin. My face shape..but her father's skin tone!! Holy shit balls! Can you believe it? Now crawl back in the whole you manifested from..and leave me and my "complicated" family alone. Thanks!


Jessica said...

I think that ranks higher then, "When are you due?" or "Are you expecting?" to a reg. woman. PunchOut time.
I read this really great article somewhere about a very dark skinned lady who had a very light skinned baby and how it felt. I am sorry people are so damn stupid.

kiwi3pg said...

WTF? Some people...GRR. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. Its natural to be curious, I myself have about certain situations before. But to actually open your big fat mouth and comment on something you have no idea about is absurd. In six short months I will be the aunt of a biracial baby. Someday my other sister will have a biracial baby. I think I will seriously fly off the handle also if someone ever insults my sister(s) or future neices/nephews by commenting on their race.

kiwi3pg said...

And BTW, I've seen your pic and K totally looks like you regardless of skin color. =)

K Gray said...

Yeah, people suck. Also kind of surprising....I totally see you in Kylee! But people are stupid. Kylee is beautiful like both her mom and her dad. :)