Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Store Brand vs Name Brand

So I've never considered myself a "Name Brand Snob"..you know..people who refuse to buy anything other than name brand products. Now forgive me if this is you. There's nothing wrong with name brand. I buy name brand products too. But it just drives me crazy when someone refuses to buy store brand (even if they haven't tried it) JUST because it IS store brand. I always give something a chance. Hey, if it's going to save me money..why not? If I don't like it..then I just will keep buying the name brand. Simple enough.

I remember before having Kylee..I asked my MOM group about the big difference between name brand and store brand diapers. I was thinking to myself..why not save some cash and just buy the cheap diapers. They all hold poo right? Name brand diapers aren't lined in gold or anything..so why pay more? Well shortly after Kylee was born I found out that store brand (at least WalMarts) diapers are about as useful as a parka in the summer. They were horrible. She leaked all day, every day. That was the end of store brand diapers.

Then the other day I sent Tim (bless his heart) to pick up a wipe refill pack (Pampers Sensitive all the way)..he came back with some Kroger-ish brand. Hmm..I figured..why not. give it a try. I might has well been wiping her butt with my own hand..slightly damp. These were the driest, thinnest wipes I've ever used. We went through them much faster than our usual brand because you had to triple them up just to avoid getting her lovely teething/eating solids poo on your hands. I was so happy today to pick up a refill at the store. And an added bonus..Pampers is making Sensitives Thick now! Sweet days!

So diapers and wipes MUST be name brand. Papmers to be specific. But there are things I will buy store brand. Milk is almost guaranteed to be store brand (unless there's an out-of-this-world sale on Roberts) because milk is milk. I can't taste the difference so it doesn't matter to me. I also buy Kylee's cereal puffs store brand but usually Gerber food (believe it or not..it's cheaper than the store brand at Bakers). I have Tim buying cheaper beer and smokes these days (yes..he's back to smoking..........) because Budweiser wants your soul and first born these days for a 12 pack and Marlboro is only accepting kidneys and small intestines these days in payment. Screw that! You wanna poison your body baby...you're going to do it cheaply. Right?

Papers towels and toilet paper are a name brand must. My backside demands it..and I'd rather use 1 towel on a spill than 8 plus the mop. Tissues too...my nose is sensitive and I HATE having the uber red and flaked up nose during allergy time because I'm wiping my nose with a brillo pad disguised as a store brand tissue.

But anyways..this whole post came about because this older lady whining in line at Bakers this morning at the price of her cans of diet drink (SlimFast)..well...there is another brand..a cheaper one you could..*gasp*..try! I swear..Kroger doesn't put rat poison in their products anymore it's okay to try them. Who knows..you may actually like them (since most things don't taste any different then a name brand) and your wallet may be thanking you.

Thanks for listening to my rant. Next time you're hitting the store..try the store brand of something you usually buy name brand. I dare you.


Jessica said...

I don't do store brand soups.
I do use Target brand baby wipes, WM on occasion if I am out and not going to Target any time soon. They are fine to me, and not dry or too thin...the WM ones are actually pretty thick.
I hate WM diapers. If I am there I only buy huggies. Jack, after about age one, switched to Target brand diapers and still sleeps in them at night...however, Ethan is not to that stage, though I did try it. It is NOT saving money if you have to change the diaper more often!
I agree with paper towels. I thought I'd save some $ and buy WM brand paper towels...yeah, they lasted TWO DAYS. That's it! Crazy.
I love White Cloud tissues, but I don't always see them here so I get Kleenex instead. White Cloud tissues are THREE ply and soft...Bart's granny turned me on to them :)

Oh, and I will always try the store brand...at least once.

K Gray said...

You should really consider switching to organic milk, like the Horizon brand. For one thing, it lasts much, much longer (that's because they pasteurize organic milk at higher temperatures than conventional milk, which destroys more of the organisms responsible for spoiling milk. With those bugs knocked out, organic milk lasts 25 to 40 days longer than the ordinary stuff.) But more importantly, organic milk comes from cows that are not pumped full of artificial hormones and antibiotics. Plus grass fed cows provide more fatty acids in their milk, which has all sorts of health benefits. It costs a little more, but it's totally worth it! Just a thought! :)