Friday, June 19, 2009

Never Pleased

sat⋅is⋅fac⋅tion [sat-is-fak-shuhn]

an act of satisfying; fulfillment; gratification.
the state of being satisfied; contentment.
the cause or means of being satisfied.

Blah, blah, blah, etc, etc...

Basically I have found that I'm having a hard time finding this lately. Satisfaction, that is. I've decided that I may be somewhat greedy needy particular in how I like things.

I did quite the research looking up and asking about different banana bread recipes. Finally picked one that looked promising..and made it. Now, it's not HORRIBLE. It's not even bad to be honest. It's just not the slice of perfection that I had envisioned in my head. I was satisfied..but I know there could have been improvement.

The weather. I hate the rain and clouds but I love the cooler temperatures that usually come with said weather. I hate the rain and clouds but I also hate when it's flesh-frying hot outside and I burn off breakfast and half of lunch just going to check the mail. Again..not satisfied with this summer weather business. (I think my daughter is taking after me as well..uh oh)

My's high time that I start burning off this baby weight that I've been holding onto like Octomom to her "celebrity status"...Yes..I've been holding onto it THAT tight! I've finished mechanically breastfeeding (aka pumping) so I don't need to eat as much as I was trying to keep up my I just need to get to it so I can start wearing some of my old clothes that have been taken hostage by spider webs and dust bunnies on the top shelf of the closet. Body = not satisfied.

Along with my appearance..I am most definitely not pleased with my diet. As much as I wish Hershey w/ almond bars were equivalent in calories to say.. a carrot stick.. it's never going to happen. So I actually need to pick up that carrot stick and say goodbye to Hershey, amatuer-baked banana bread, and all the other less than good-for-me foods I've been shoving into my mouth the last few months. Diet = not satisfied (but it sure is yummy)

My housekeeping/motherly/wifely duties have also been getting neglected lately (I have been blaming this on an awful work schedule..but it's time I take responsibility for my lack of ambitions.) It's time to stop piling and hiding laundry and actually.. *gasp* get it downstairs to the laundry room. Dusting needs to happen before those dust bunnies which I mentioned earlier start carrying away my chunky princess. Ugh! Just thinking about tackling the neglected things in my house make me want to toss my cookies. You can say with absolute certainty that I am less than satisfied in this department.

So I guess in order to acquire this desired satisfaction ... I should probably remove myself from this comfy, welcoming computer chair and find my way to a broom, mop, and hazmat suit. Right? Okay then...

OH, and here's my chunky princess!!

She's not satisfied either..


Jessica said...

Oh, it's hard to be satisfied as a woman and a mom. Really hard.
I like ya, no matter how you look, but I am not satisfied with my appearance, either, so I understand. LOVE YOU!

K Gray said...

If you change your mind about banana bread, let me know. I've got a great recipe. It's not good for you at all, but it is delicious. :)