Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life After 6 Months's pretty much been decades weeks since I've last blogged. The reasoning for that? seems lately whenever I attempt to sit down for longer than 10 minutes in Kylee's presence..all hell breaks loose! She has turned into a beast demon challenge of sorts.. I understand the poor girl is in pain and is cranky due to the fact that teeth are wanting to bust through her gums at any minute. But holy funk..give a mama a break! She's got a small case of baby PMS as well. Sweet... Happy/Sad Laughing/Crying Baby/Monster. It's been oh so wonderful.

On an amazing note though..she has said MOM twice!!! Both times were when she was angry and yelling..but nonetheless..her first word! Did I have my camera on and set to video? No..believe it or not..I dont sit around with the camera pointed at Kylee every minute of the day. Although..that IS an idea..since daddy isn't believing that Kylee has uttered her first words. Jealousy is ugly..very ugly. She's also doing a commando crawl ...backwards...but a "crawl" regardless. She gets some pretty good distance doing so. Which means...BABY we come...awesome.. I mean I thought it was enough that we weren't leaving knives, blades, lighters, box cutters, etc laying around but now we have to actually put some serious work and effort into keeping this bundle of joy safer? Alright...but ONLY because she's so damn cute!

At her 6 month check up this dear sweet baby was 18lbs 14oz (90%) 26.5 inches long (75%) and had a melonhead that's 45cm around (95%). My baby girl has quite the head full of lots of smart brains. She also has some of the cutest leg rolls this side of the Mississippi. Anywho..she did alright getting her shots. She definitely gave the nurse a piece of her mind. The Doctor found a murmur while listening to her heart so we had to go to Children' Hospital (again...) and have an echo done. Fear is nothing life threatening. They hope that she'll grow out of it or that it will at least become less apparent.

Kylee now loves sleeping 12ish hours a night. Which is pretty much amazing. She also takes 2 naps a day..or one really long one. Depending on the day. She also loves playing with her younger cousin, Jackson. I have a feeling they're going to be the best of friends. He's not so fond of her loving his toys though. But he sure loves wearing her sunglasses. We have discovered though that Kylee HATES dogs. Especially the loud,barky kind. She cries and tries to get away. Which means we hopefully never have to own a dog ever again. I love looking and playing with dogs. But I would much rather own a cat. They pretty much take care of themselves and don't demand constant attention.

So I'm pretty sure that Kylee has become as much of an addict to the camera as I am to taking her picture. The second she hears the camera turn on..she looks to find out where it's at. When she realizes it's pointed at her..she's ALL smiles..what have I created?

I have also started the slow process of weaning her off of breastmilk. I am ready to have my body back and start working on getting it into some sort of shape other than..blob... She will have had 7 months of it by the time I "quit" and I feel that's adequate enough and she's not going to die or stop thriving because of it. Now if I took away her yogurt..that might be a differnt story..that girl is SERIOUSLY addicted. I think if I let her have it more than every other day for breakfast she might all together refuse anything but it.

So..there's Kylee to date pretty much. It's been a great 6 months. I can't believe how fast it has gone. She's such an amazing and precious baby. I can't believe how blessed I am to have her in my life. I look forward to watching her grow and develop as time goes on. But for now..I'm going to enjoy the cuddles, kisses, and giggles!