Friday, May 8, 2009

Random Friday Thoughts

So while I don't have a complete purpose to this post, I decided I'd throw out some things I've been thinking about the last few days. Some may be pointless..but hey! it's my blog and I'll write about what I want, when I want. Don't like it? Go check out Mkay.

So..what is on my mind right now is..

I'm so thankful we have people in this world who get paid to come around and take away our trash every week. It's a job I don't have to do and it keeps my house from getting funky. However, wouldn't it be super-dooper if they brought the empty cans BACK UP to your house and not just leave them on the curb? That would be stellar! (Man, I think I have a case of the lazies...)

I also am so thankful for our neighborhood Bakers grocery store. I've gone in there SO many times..groceries, random snacky foods when I was pregnant (and even when I'm not...), diapers, formula, cough syrup for sick name it..Anyways, I've gone in there so many times that pretty much everyone knows me ..and my cute I don't get any 'eww, is that a bum' stares when I roll into Bakers at 8am... hair a mess, not having brushed my teeth, and possibly some spit up on my shirt..(except maybe from some random customers that don't know WHO I AM)..Thank you Bakers. You've been a lifesaver!

I also have realized that I have possession of one of the cutest babies on the face of the earth. No, I'm not biased. Why would you say that? I'm pretty sure Gerber is in the process of emailing me, begging me to let Kylee replace the face of the current Gerber baby. Well..unless you're willing to pay off our house, buy us 2 new cars, send us to the Bahamas once a year, and buy us a lifetime supply of diapers...the answer, in short, is Take that Gerber! (Yes, I'm still waiting for the email).

I love Spring weather. I love late night rainstorms. I love having the windows open and getting fresh air. I love gardening (I'm sure I'll love it even more once I have some plants in the ground..). I love taking walks and letting Kylee experience all nature has to offer. The downfall...I hate being hot and I hate bugs! These are pretty much 2 things you can't avoid either. Oh well...I'll take heat and bugs over ice and snow anytime. Smart living in Nebraska, huh?

My heart is full of joy that Kylee has gone back to the love of cuddling. I was feeling a little down lately that she was being 'too independent'. I am not full of joy that she's had 3 poopy diapers today. I'm full of sick-to-my-stomach at her butt cover foulness. I am still waiting patiently for her to say 'mama' because it's written in the books that 'mama' will be her first word. 'Dada' can suck it up and stop whining, he'll be second! (Unless she follows 'mama' with 'baba'..haha!)

Gas prices suck..again! (But they are still close to $2 so I won't whine TOO much..)

I've become addicted to Shake N Bake chicken. Not the healthiest thing I could eat..although today I did cut some up and put it in a salad..So that pretty much voids out anything unhealthy about the chicken. And it was LITE ranch that I used. There we go..100% healthy!

I'm done blogging about my thoughts now. My brain hurts.

Happy Mother's Day!!


Jessica said...

I like Shake-N-Bake, but Bart does not so we rarely have it b/c it's easier to just bake the stuff then tell Bart to shove it b/c he didn't eat it and he's hungry.
Can't wait for the BIG PARTY!
And Mama will come...don't worry!