Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's a No Go.. Thanks, Snow!

Yeah.  Snow sucks. It really really sucks.  I still can't believe I've lived in Nebraska my whole life.  I still complain about the Winter every.single.year!  And each year it seems to get worse and worse.  More snow. More freezing temps.  More blowing winds.  More days trapped inside.

Rewind a few years and being trapped inside the house wasn't a terrible thing at all.  It meant hot chocolate or coffee and a good book and lots of napping.  Now? With a toddler... HA!  You can only do so many art projects and play in the tent and read books so many times.  And going outside is fun.. until said toddler almost gets blown into a snow mound by said high winds.  Not to mention the fact that it takes as long to put her in her snow clothes as she plays outside.

Mother Nature also seems to use my social calendar as the basis for her weather making.  Days when I have nothing to do? Perfect weather. Days with plans? Schloads of snow!  In fact as I type this, I'm supposed to be going to my good friend Missy's 30th Birthday party in a few hours.  Guess what it's doing outside?  Sunshine and rainbows? Hell no!  It's snowing!!  Hard.  And it's very windy.  Surprising, I know.

We've missed out on play dates and  trips to fun places and hanging out with friends quite a few times already  this lovely season.  And it's only mid-January!  It's only been officially Winter for a month!

So.. until Spring decides to show it's face.. I'd really really really like to just hibernate with my family and sleep away this crappy, asstastic, frigid weather!  That would be great.


Jessica said...

E likes the snow...until it touches any part of his body, then you can hang it up. He will scream until he is 100% dry and warm.

Megan R. said...

Pansy. We were on the roads last night, they weren't that bad at all. I still heart the snow. Suck it up, cause it's not going anywhere any time soon!

Crissy said...

Jess-- Kylee loves the snow. But hates when she starts to get too cold. We have yet to go sledding, but hopefully soon. We'll see how she does.

Megan -- And.. you have 4wd. My car? Not so much. So I'll stay off the roads when it's crazy snowing. But you go ahead and enjoy.