Saturday, February 5, 2011

Work in Progress

That's me!
A work in progress.
Being a mom? Work in progress.
Being a partner to one amazing man? Work in progress.
Being a housekeeper? Work in progress.
Keeping a social life while doing those things? WORK IN PROGRESS.

One thing I have gotten much better with this year.. (Obviously I'm not talking about blogging...*sigh*) is keeping up with the house!  I know, it's surprising to me too!  It's only taken me almost 4 years to get this house in order and not be buried in total chaos!

As I type this, my entire upstairs is spotless clean!  And our downstairs ... well it's cluttered with boxes that still need to be unpacked and put away.  No, we didn't just move in.  But we thought we were going to move at the end of last year, so I had tons of things packed away.  And yeah.. I still need to unpack a few more boxes.  Oh well...

I used to stress and put off doing laundry because there was always 8000 loads to do.. and I just didn't want to deal with it.  Well, I finally caught up with it and now I do a load every other day.  Stress about doing laundry? Gone!

I have to clean the kitchen every night. Have to.  I feel gross if my kitchen is dirty.  I mean.. there's food in there. Shouldn't that be the one room that is always clean?  And I've started making Kylee help clean up her toys after she uses them.  It resulted in major meltdowns in the beginning.. but now, most days, she will start cleaning up something after she uses it without me even asking.  It's awesome!

So now that  I've improved on my housekeeping skills, it's time to focus on improving my role in my family.  It's going to become a LOT easier because I am switching my work hours and I'm going to be a lot less tired every day.  Adios overnights! Hello evenings!  I'm really excited about this change and I know it's going to be a great change for my family.

2011 is my year of change.  And I am LOVING it! So while I continue to be a work in progress.. I know this is my year!