Monday, May 10, 2010

Inspired by Mooky Diaper Review

My kid pees.


And in large quantity.

So I've been struggling to keep her in cloth during the nights.  She's been peeing through everything I toss on her.  I had actually switched her back to disposables at night.  They were gross by the morning but they worked.  Yes they weighed like 5 pounds and were just a mess of cold urine but I wasn't having to change sheets every morning.  I started asking around about what people were putting on their heavy wetting toddlers at night and someone recommended Inspired by Mooky.  Something new to me.. but I decided to check it out anyway.

I am SO happy I did.  Pam makes some of the cutest and softest diapers ever!  She made me a super cute monkey print with polka dots diaper. I was in love.  The crotch area was too narrow though and I was super bummed. Fear not.. Pam had me send that diaper back to her and she made me a new one and shipped it back in just a couple of days! Now that is some great customer service!  Let me tell you about this diaper..

It's a One Size AI2 Fleece Night Time Diaper and the outer part is made up of 2 layers of anti-pill fleece.  The inner part of the diaper is organic bamboo raylon velour and it is SO soft!  The soaker (WHICH I LOVE!) is 2 petal style (for quick drying) and each petal has 3 layers of organic bamboo raylon fleece topped with velour.  It's trifold style and when folded over you get 16 absorbent layers!!  This diaper does NOT require a cover.

What I really love about this diaper is that it stands up to my super-wetter overnight, doesn't leave ANY red marks on her at all, and it's super cute and VERY soft!  It's made of quality materials and the work that goes into this diaper is so apparent!  We have it on one of the lowest settings so I know this diaper is going to be sticking around until Kylee doesn't need diapers anymore!  And then it will be passed on to the next sibling when the time comes. (Even if it's a boy.. because boys can wear cute polka dots!..And I'll be the only one seeing their bottoms at night anyways!) 

Pam also carries longies, shorties, skirties, wet bags, changing pads, etc in her Cutzie Designs shop.  So make sure you check out both of her shops on Hyena!  Tell her I sent you!