Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Gymnastics Express

Yesterday morning Kylee and I joined up with some mamas and kiddos from our playdate group.  We met up to let the kids play on The Gymnastics Express! 

"The Gymnastics Express is a gymnastics facility - on wheels! Perfect for today's busy parent, we bring The Gymnastics Express right to your child's preschool or daycare center, and teach them our innovative gymnastics curriculum right on our customized bus!" 

If you've got kids and they've got energy ... you can't go wrong with this bus o' fun!  If you're in the area I highly recommend getting in contact and finding out how your kids can get their jump and tumble on!

(Jack is going for the gold in tumbling!)

Now I feel like I must say that 18 months+  were allowed to play on the bus yesterday.  Kylee won't be 18 months for 12 more days.. but I figured she was close enough.  (There were another babes around her age there as well.)  In my personal opinion I think 18 months may be a little too young for The Gymnastics Express.  Kylee did not want to sit and sing songs in the beginning.  She was much too distracted by all the fun tumbling equipment.  She cried. And cried. And cried until I came and held her and then she watched the other kids singing.  Once it was time to play on the equipment though she was ALL about it.  A few other kids that were her age also cried and didn't want to stay on the bus long.  So I would recommend this for ages 2 and older. ( I am really glad Kylee got to experience this though and when it was time to play she DID have a great time!)

(Kylee enjoying the zip-line and the kids jumping hoops!)

So if you're in the area and looking for a way to entertain your kids this summer or any other time of the year, get in contact with staff at The Gymnastics Express. You'll be able to put together the best playdate ever!  Best of all? The bus comes to you!


Jessica said...

I'd like to thank you for not posting the picture of me w/ my almost 18M old who wouldn't stay on the bus :) I mean, yeah, it's a great picture but...
Love ya! And holy cow! I had no idea Jackson had a picture taken w/o his underwear showing!