Monday, May 17, 2010

An AppleCheeks A Day Keeps the Rash at Bay!

Many many months ago, Ilana, of AppleCheeks diapers was looking for blogger mommies to review her diapers.  I had been drooling after her super cute St. Lucia diaper for as long as I could remember. So..naturally.. I jumped on the opportunity.  I stalked the mailman pretty much every single day   waited sooo patiently for my diaper to come in the mail.  It wasn't the St. Lucia.  I was bummed.  It was Coriander.  BUT.. after trying on said diaper, I was in love! It looked great with Kylee's skin tone and it was really cute!  My diaper came with a one size rayon from bamboo insert which can be folded into thirds (hello six layers of protection!) and a booster as well! 

"Rayon from Bamboo is perfect for the heaviest wetter as it retains twice as much moisture as cotton alone for its weight! And plus rayon from bamboo's antimicrobial properties make it the healthy choice for your baby's bottom. Rayon from Bamboo is the cloth diapering choice!" 

I am that cloth diapering mama who is scared of anything that is not bulky.  I feel like bulk = a lot of absorbing action going on.  So I was kind of nervous about using only the inserts I received.  But.. I had a job to do.. must review this product.  So after doing my prepping of the diaper.. I put it on her for nap.  3 hours later.....

NO LEAKING! I was amazed!

(She gets her dancing moves from her daddy..)

Another issue I have with diapering in general is the fact that my girl has some chunky thighs and that usually results in her getting red marks on them from the diapers.  AppleCheeks? They passed the test! No marking on her legs! 

One of the REALLY awesome things about AppleCheeks is that you can use the envelope cover as just a cover or as an entire diaper.  So stuff it.. or don't stuff it.. and you still get great use out of it!  But whatever you do.. don't unstuff it! (Because the inserts come out in the wash all on their own!)

Got a super chunky cute baby?  Well.. fear not.. AppleCheeks to the rescue!  Enter.. waist extenders!

"AppleCheeks™ Waist Extenders allow you to get even more life from your gorgeous AppleCheeks™ envelope covers. Sold in pairs, simply snap one on each side of your trim fitting diaper cover and, voila, you get up to approximately 2 inches of extra space for baby's cute rolls! Available in all 10 permanent collection colours, can be mixed and matched with other colour envelope covers for ultimate cuteness."

Are you getting the picture yet? This is an AMAZING diaper system! You really can't go wrong.

I was also sent a Size 1 storage sac to review.  I love it!  It can easily hold 8 diapers or more (depending on how full you pack your storage sacs).  It's easy to wash and I just hang it to dry. Simple. Easy. And it has some great stretch to it!

My final test to my oh-so-cute AppleCheeks diaper was overnight use.  And some of you may be saying oh what's the big deal? Well my friends.. my daughter pees. A LOT! At night! And we use uber thick inserts for nighttime because she pees so much.  So.. I put her in her AppleCheeks and I added one additional bamboo insert.. put on some fleece longies... and prayed as I put her down to sleep.  I expected to hear screaming at 4am for a diaper change.  I expected to get her up in the morning and find a bed soaked in urine.  I expected to regret my AppleCheeks overnight decision.  Boy was I wrong. She was wet in the morning but not soaked and we had no leaking!  I was one happy mama and so was my baby girl! 

So there has to be SOMETHING wrong with this diapering system, right? Well.. I was going to say the price.  AppleCheeks cost a tad bit more than diapers I usually buy.  BUT, I really feel they are worth the money!  So.. my only wish for AppleCheeks is more color options and maybe some prints??  Because this mama here loves her some cute prints!

(If anyone wants to donate a St. Lucia to us.. that would be totally rad... just sayin!)


Nikki said...

Ooh yes! We <3 Ilana & AppleCheeks as well! Don't want to rub it in or anything but we have a St. Lucia... hee hee hee! K is just ADORABLE by the way!

One Southern Girl said...

We love our AppleCheeks diapers! I want to get the Coriander color though and... You get the idea!