Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tanner, Lashes, and Loonies!

This topic was brought up on a mommy board I belong to and I thought it would make for a great blog. The discussion was about how a large portion of society has turned into "Generation Diva" and how people are raising their kids these days. I personally find it to be extremely distrubing when I turn to a "family friendly" tv station such a TLC, and find trash on such a Toddlers and Tiaras. I used to be a huge fan of TLC (Baby Story, Bringing Baby Home, John and Kate, etc) but lately they've just been airing complete garbage. I mean really, what am I getting out of watching crazy freakshow moms put spray tanner, false eyeslashes, and layers upon layers of makeup on their little girls? Not only that, but then they allow AND encourage these girls to prance around onstage and SELL THEMSELVES for a beauty pageant! What ever happened to going to the park, coloring books, sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles and riding bikes? I am a very open-minded person BUT this ..makes me sick to my stomach. I cringe at the thought of there actually being mothers out there that would subject their children ...their babies..their beautiful daughters to a lifestyle like this. (Self tanner, fake eyelashes, 5 million thousand cans of hairspray, weight issues, FAKE teeth to cover up lost teeth, and any other crazy things these loonies are doing!)

She looks SO happy, doesn't she?

Now I may end up being the least favorite mommy ever. But I'm telling you right now. There's no way in hell Kylee is going to live a lifestyle anything like this. She can do dance if she wants but that doesn't mean she needs to be overdone with makeup and hair products. She most definitely WON'T be wearing any self tanner or fake eyelashes. She's not going to be having her hair done or fake nails until she's old enough that it's coming out of her own pocket. (The exception being weddings/other important events..and I'm talking about her hair not the fake nails.) I love my baby. I love her being a baby. I never want to look at her and be able to compare her to how one of these poor little girls look. I never want to be THAT parent. I will never lead my daughter to believe that you HAVE to be done up to be beautiful. I want her to be comfortable with her..just the way she is.

Now I know there are some moms out there that disagree with everything I'm saying. To them.. I say... shove it you psycho! Go sit on that hairspray can that you're constantly shoving in your daughters face..and spin!

*Deep breath* Hmm.. I feel much better now. I'm going to go play with my young, innocent, beautiful, amazing daughter.