Thursday, March 26, 2009


So I had thought out my "mothering style" before I was even blessed with Kylee. I had already thought about how I would deal with her sleeping, eating, crying, etc. I read about CIO (crying it out) and decided that it was something I wanted to at least try. I am a firm believer that babies/children really need to learn how to soothe themselves. That being said, I don't think it should go to the extent of neglect. I think CIO is a nice balance between those two things. SO, I awaited the time when I believed it would be appropriate to start letting Kylee learn to soothe herself. I prepared myself for many sleep deprived times ahead. I stocked up on Tylenol in preparation for all the headaches I was going to endure. I got in one last night of REALLY good sleep. And..I jumped in, head first! I laid her down..kissed her..told her I loved her....turned on her rainforrest mobile toy thing..and walked out of the room. I sat the fetal position almost..and waited for it...(Father above, please give me strength to endure what she is about to release upon me.)..and waited...waited a little longer..and then went and checked on her (omg, is she still breathing??!?!)..and found...WHAT?!?! No crying? No screaming? No holding her breath until she was blue in the face? No puking from doing those said things? WHAT?!?!?! Now this picture was taken from her nap today. But the first time I attempted CIO it pretty much looked the same I assure you. I was just too nervous to actually walk in and take a picture for fear of waking the beast.

So why you ask...why is my blog entry titled TIO and not CIO? Well...after her first couple of times sleeping in there, not making much of a sound, just watching her mobile toy..she has started something new. No, its not crying, screaming, or any other evil things infants/children/adults do to get attention. It's talking. She'll talk to her mobile for a good 3-5 minutes before falling asleep. It's quite possibly the cutest thing ever! (She is the world's cutest baby, so what do you expect?) The first time I watched her do eyes filled with tears. There she 4 month old baby...soothing herself. I have a feeling that her and that's going to be one beautiful friendship. Thank you Fisher Price...Thank you!

Here she is after she woke up...

Look how red her little cheek is from sleeping on it. I tell ya...too darn cute! Cheers for Kylee being a self-soothing absolute cutie!


Jessica said...

You are one lucky mama. I think Kylee is one cute little girl, too.