Monday, March 23, 2009

Shots and Sweet Potatoes

So today was Kylee's 4 mo. Well Baby Check. This means aside from watching her tip the scales and bust out of the head measuring doodad, she received her 4 month SHOTS! But, in case you're wondering, Kylee is 15lbs 5oz, 24 3/4 inches tall, and has a head size of 44cm, which puts her in the 95%. Anyways, back to the shots, she had to have 2. She also had to drink that Rotavirus vaccine stuff (which she devoured in a mere 8.5 seconds). The first shot produced a slight whimper and the second shot caused some brief wailing. Overall, she did amazing and was smiling seconds after it was all said and done. I have before pictures and at home pictures. I mean really, what kind of mother would prolong the comforting of their recently traumatized (due to the evil needle) infant just to snap a few pictures? It's sick I tell you..sick..and I would NEVER upload pictures like that on my computer and store them in the 'Well Baby' folder..NEVER! Here she was....naive as ever...

Upon returning home, Kylee had to tell daddy all about the evil doctors and nurses and all the HORRIBLE things they did to her. She also proudly displayed her battle wounds!

But on a bright note...Dr. P okay'd solids today. (cereals and stage 1 foods!) We'd already been giving her the rice cereal. Now we were moving on to bigger and better things...think...Sweet Potatoes! She really is Miss Independent. She kept grabbing the spoon from me!

But she clearly loved it!

Oh and I don't want to forget to mention that my cute one is already practicing good hygiene skills! We purchased her first toothbrush/toothpaste set and she LOVED it. I think she wants to be a spokesbaby for Orajel!


Anna said...

She looks like she really enjoyed those sweet potatoes :)