Sunday, March 22, 2009

He's kickin the 'BUTT'

So my wonderful future husband, Timothy, is now on Day 11 of not smoking. This is nothing short of amazing considering the man has smoked for nearly 2 frickin' decades! (Mind you he's only 33). He did have a minor slip up in the form of 2 lung killers on St. Patty's Day..but he's back on track and in 'BUTT' kicking mode. He shall no longer be tempted by the evil ways of... a lame Class A cigarette!

He's on the patch. Or rather, the patch is on him. It seems to be helping him with the cravings and mood swings and whatever other evil side effects haunt him. However, yesterday, he thought he would be brave and go out into the world (to his workplace nonetheless) WITHOUT said patch. WTF?! I must say I give him major props for this idea..however, I did not enjoy dealing with the nicotine-craving maniac that returned home in the late afternoon. He was pacing the house, proposing that he only smokes on Saturdays (really, who does that?), holding my new camera hostage until I agreed to go buy him cigarettes...the whole shabang. Finally, I snuck into the kitchen, ripped open the package to one of his patches, crept up behind him and....BAM! Slapped that son-of-a-mother dead square in the middle of his back! I then gently rubbed it and assured him that the cravings soon would pass. (I know this, I myself, am an ex-smoker...) For the rest of the evening he was sweet as could be and back to himself. He's going to beat this ....I know he will.
Note: That is not Timothy's arm..nor his patch. His patches are clear and his arm is much pastier. Ah thank you winter! But his arm is also buff...I'm talking ripped...think body builder and then ADD some muscle!... (I know he's going to read this so I must butter him up for allowing me to blog about his journey to being smoke free).
I'm very proud of him. This is by far one of the best decisions he's made since becoming a father (besides asking me to marry him...duh!....) and I will continue to support him and give him strength, regardless of how poop pants he can get. So send him some good vibes and moral support!