Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Greetings and Proof We're Alive!

Wow.  It's been ages since I've actually had a wholesome post.  This year is flying by and most of the time I feel like I'm barely hanging on.  I often question how parents of more than one child do it.  This one I have seems to consume every minute that I'm not at work or sleeping.  At even sometimes in my desperate attempts to get a nap in, she still manages to consume that time.  But.. really, I wouldn't have it any other way.

We're in the stages of moving.  Well.. we still have a month and a half before actual move date.  But lucky me.. I've been living with a hoarder for the last  3 1/2 years.  Yeah... every single thing down to a key to some old lock from some old place has a meaning to him.  I've finally threatened bodily harm to him encouraged him to start purging some stuff that he could live without.  Yes.. you can get rid of that old receipt from 2001 from when you got a tank of gas, a pack of smokes, and a 20oz Coke.  And yes.. go ahead and toss that employee handbook from your high school job.  I'm pretty sure you're never going to work there again.  Considering the place was closed down over 10 years ago..  You have pictures of your friends from when you worked there.  And memories in your brain.  I'm sure you'll never forget those days just because the handbook gets tossed out. Love ya, babe!

Anyways.. we've also been out and about enjoying this beautiful fall weather before we're bombarded with hundreds of inches of snow again! (Dear Mother Nature, I will kill you!  Love.. Me)  We've hit up the zoo, the pumpkin patch, the apple orchard, the parks, etc etc etc.  Lots of cute pictures of my girl will follow at the end. (But hey.. slow down.. and don't skip ahead.  You might miss something interesting.  Or not...)

Today.. well.. it's a pretty special day.  No.. I mean besides it being the 197th anniversary of the conclusion of the Battle of Leipzig. It's also Mother Teresa Day in Albania.  One of Jimmy Carter's daughters is celebrating her birthday today. AND.. so is my better half!  Yep.. he's the big 3-5 today.. but doesn't look a day over 50 ummm 21 or so..  Happy Birthday my love!  Thank you for being the amazing, wonderful, awesome, hilarious, intelligent, and brilliant man you are!  You're the butter to my bread and all that jazz!

So yeah.. that's us.  Busy but loving life!

How about you? How are things? Yeah.. I'm talking to you out there (assuming you're still there.)