Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Wonderland...

Or not.  At least not the Wonderland part.  More like a nightmare.

This Monday we were blessed to get a couple of inches of snow in the Big O.  It wasn't terrible.  Nothing a quick shovel couldn't fix.  Not big deal, right? WRONG!  It was just the preshow.  Tuesday the snow started falling.  And falling it did.  It snowed, snowed harder, stopped for 2.5 minutes, and picked up with a vengance.  It was crazy out there.  I was one lucky girl though.  I got to go to work that night.  Across town.'re jealous, I know.  By the time I was heading out to work we had about  20 feet 8-9 inches of snow on the ground.  I got stuck at the bottom of our hill.  I knew it wasn't going to be a pleasant drive.  I figured once I got to the interstate though it wouldn't be too bad..wrong again!  I got stuck twice on the interstate.  In fact I got stuck 7 times getting to work.  Two of those times required me getting out and digging around my tires to get out.  It was terrible.  I had to walk up the giant hill to get up to work because my car looked at it and gave me a quick "F U"...

But on a brighter note.. Wednesday morning Tim did get to stay home so once I FINALLY got home from work that morning we all had a snow day together.  We're not the bundle-up-to-go-get-frostbite kind of family so we didn't go out and play.  BUT I did bring some snow inside for Kylee to play with (and taste..until she realized it was SO cold).  We stayed in pajamas and cuddled up a lot and played.  It was a perfect day.  Thursday came and brought another snow day..Kylee had another pajama day with her buddy Jimmy and they played with wrapping paper tubes and we listened to Christmas music!  Friday morning..OUR STREET FINALLY GOT PLOWED!  No more getting stuck just trying to get off of our street. 

Needless to was been a very cold and snowy week.  Have I mentioned it's not even officially Winter yet?  Be gentle Mother gentle.