Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Fluff is Back!

I'm happy to report that Kylee is now back in all of her amazing and wonderful fluff!  She's been teething.  Which has caused her to be a little fussier, to nom nom on anything she can get her hands on, to wake up during the middle of the night, and caused some icky, nasty diapers.  So..we made the dreaded switch into disposables until Kylee's bowels got back on track.  I tell you..clothes don't even look right without the bulkiness of fluff coming off the back.  Babylegs don't look nearly as cute paired with a disposable diaper.  It was just a week of sadness in this house.  BUT..last night things went back to normal and Kylee went to bed in a super stuffed and wonderful cloth diaper!  I am not telling everyone they have to cloth diaper..although if you're willing to listen..I'm willing to try and convert you.  I promise.. you won't be disappointed.  I just don't know how people can use disposables day in and day out.  Kylee had leaks EVERY SINGLE DAY.  My trash smelled like a petting zoo.  I wasted money that just went straight into the trash covered in poop.  It was terrible.  But..I can breathe easy now.. WE'RE BACK IN CLOTH!