Friday, October 2, 2009

Spring, Summer, WINTER?!

Well.. it's not really Winter right now. I was clearly being dramatic and what else is new? Although it's not Winter..these nipple freezing cold temperatures sure could lead someone to believe that Fall has taken to hibernating for the year. We have no snow, but we're waking up to high 30's and lower 40's and crazy strong winds.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because I love opening the windows and getting the fresh, cool, crisp air moving through my house. these temperatures if we open the windows not only is it bone chilling air that comes in, but a small tornado starts in my house because the winds are so strong. I also thought I would be able to sit out back and enjoy a few drinks with Tim this time of year without dying of heat stroke or acquiring the ever sexy swamp ass. Alas..that idea is out the window too. You get blown away or frozen to your seat if you sit outside at night now.

So I'm going to go drop an email to Mother Nature real quick and ask her when she's going to stop jerking me around and give me my damn Fall weather. Until she responds though, I will continue to stay cooped up in my house, dressed head to toe (not literally) in anything made of fleece, wool, or heavy cotton and observe "Fall" through the window. Thanks Mother Nature. You suck.


Anonymous said...

It's even worse in CA. Today was the first day I wore a sweater to walk the dog. High heat, high winds, and fires have been an unwanted mother nature gifts. With the fall, now people can think about the holidays. It's my best season for toys.

Broke-Ass Babe said...

ok, that completely sucks. i LOVE the fall weather, we're kinda back and forth right now between autumn and late summerish but I'm ready to make the plunge, no more of this pms-ing mother nature.

Tracie said...

It is still summer here and I feel like it will never end...I would even accept winter, but on the other hand we don't ever get much of a fall in Florida.

Just pull out some warm blankets and cuddle up together with some hot chocolate. Sometimes embracing winter is the best we can do.

Happy SITS Saturday!

Rook No. 17 said...

Crissy, I can totally relate. Thank you for stopping by Rook No. 17 today and for your sincere compliments. I am so thrilled that you were inspired by "Cards for Kids". My daughters are having some friends over today and I've decided to turn it in to a card-making workshop. Wishing you the perfect Fall weather...
Jenn @

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

blueviolet said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

I know exactly what you mean! It seems like we had 2 days of fall and then it was over. I'm not happy about it!

Stephany said...

Ugh...I feel you but in a different way. Today I woke up to temp's in the upper 60's which was EXTREMELY exciting. It's been in the mid-90's for the past 2 weeks and SO hot and SO humid it's disgusting. Yuck. Not feeling like October at all! We all have issues with Mother Nature, it seems. We want FALL...not SUMMER and not WINTER! Faaallll!!!!!!!!!! :)

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!