Sunday, October 18, 2009

One, Toooo, Teee

So I have discovered that Kylee will count to three if you start by saying "One" and hold up a finger. I used my camera to catch it on video so the quality isn't stellar.. but it sure is darn cute! I say "One" and she says "Tooooo" "Teee" !!! Love it, don't ya? I figured. (Oh and please ignore the fact that I need a manicure something fierce and terrible.)


erin said...

How smart! LOL! My kids needed help with that FIRST DIGIT forever. Now my oldest will count from one when I tell him to count. My little one still needs that boost by me saying one.

Super cute to catch this on video.

Nancy said...

WOW!!! That baby is a freakin genius!!!!