Friday, March 18, 2011

SpRiNg is in the AiR!

The weather has been so amazing this week!  Even when it gets "chilly" it still feels so nice out!  We have been wearing shorts and capris, flip flops and sandals, and opening up the windows.  It has been great!

It's got me thinking about our backyard though.  It's bare.  Well.. there's a small little slide and a grill out there.  But other than that.. it's bare.  I would LOVE to get Kylee one of these wooden swing sets.  She loves climbing and sliding on things at the park and in the gym daycare.  I know she would be thrilled to have her own swing set.

While I love the prices of the plastic and metal ones.. we really want something that is going to look nice, stand up to the weather we get in Nebraska, and give us the best bang for our buck!  So I'm off to browse at some swing sets.  Hopefully we can liven up our backyard soon!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Life.. Running at this Time!

We have been so busy lately.  Sometimes I look at the clock and can't believe it's already the end of a day.  It feels like we just woke up to start our day.  But busy days make for adventurous and fun days! (Most of the time)

Ladies and gentlemen! (I'm just going to pretend both sexes read here for the moment) I have joined a gym! Yes.  My two feet walk me in the doors of the gym every other day.  Granted this is only my second week, but I am so pumped up about it!  I've been tackling the elliptical, bikes, and some different weight machines.  I've sweat more than I knew my body could.  But, I have to say.. it feels AMAZING! I know things can only go up from here when it comes to my health.

Kylee has also started going to the gym daycare. She LOVES it!  She loves it the best when me and my friend Missy work out.  Missy's son is one of Kylee's best friends so they get to hang out together in daycare.  It's all sorts of cute.

Kylee has also transitioned to her big girl bed. It's a queen bed and I was that awesome mom that didn't put a bed rail/gate thingy on the side.  Has she fallen out? Nope!  And I have to say.. she has done fantastic.  There are a few times that she's had a hard time settling down and we find her playing in her room instead of sleeping.  For the most part though, she has done great!  It makes me proud and sad at the same time.  It's such a blessing to get to watch someone grow before your eyes.

Healthy eating is going great for us as a family.  We've gotten rid of all the junk food and whatnot for 2 months now.  We eat out once a month for one meal.  It's nice to work hard and be able to reward yourself.  I've worked hard to lose these 18 pounds and a reward now and then helps in the motivation department.  (As well as the fact that I'm starting to see some results!)

Let's see.. what else?  Oh yes.  I've transitioned into working evenings pretty well.  It was hard at first, but each day got better.  (Except the other day when Kylee cried and begged me not to go.  It broke my heart.)  We're finally starting to get in a new groove and get a routine down in order to use all the time we get together wisely.  I don't want to waste a minute!  Especially as quickly as she seems to be growing and changing every day.

Two more months and I will be celebrating 4 YEARS with my stud.  I can't believe how time flies.  It  seems like yesterday I was batting my eyelashes and acting like the coolest person ever to catch his attention.  Now here we are.. almost four years later.  We've had our ups and downs.  But I couldn't imagine my life spent with anyone else.

So.. here is my attempt at catching you all up.  This is what happens when you don't blog for a month..
I really need to work on putting this into the "routine" because I do miss it.

Until next time..

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Work in Progress

That's me!
A work in progress.
Being a mom? Work in progress.
Being a partner to one amazing man? Work in progress.
Being a housekeeper? Work in progress.
Keeping a social life while doing those things? WORK IN PROGRESS.

One thing I have gotten much better with this year.. (Obviously I'm not talking about blogging...*sigh*) is keeping up with the house!  I know, it's surprising to me too!  It's only taken me almost 4 years to get this house in order and not be buried in total chaos!

As I type this, my entire upstairs is spotless clean!  And our downstairs ... well it's cluttered with boxes that still need to be unpacked and put away.  No, we didn't just move in.  But we thought we were going to move at the end of last year, so I had tons of things packed away.  And yeah.. I still need to unpack a few more boxes.  Oh well...

I used to stress and put off doing laundry because there was always 8000 loads to do.. and I just didn't want to deal with it.  Well, I finally caught up with it and now I do a load every other day.  Stress about doing laundry? Gone!

I have to clean the kitchen every night. Have to.  I feel gross if my kitchen is dirty.  I mean.. there's food in there. Shouldn't that be the one room that is always clean?  And I've started making Kylee help clean up her toys after she uses them.  It resulted in major meltdowns in the beginning.. but now, most days, she will start cleaning up something after she uses it without me even asking.  It's awesome!

So now that  I've improved on my housekeeping skills, it's time to focus on improving my role in my family.  It's going to become a LOT easier because I am switching my work hours and I'm going to be a lot less tired every day.  Adios overnights! Hello evenings!  I'm really excited about this change and I know it's going to be a great change for my family.

2011 is my year of change.  And I am LOVING it! So while I continue to be a work in progress.. I know this is my year!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's a No Go.. Thanks, Snow!

Yeah.  Snow sucks. It really really sucks.  I still can't believe I've lived in Nebraska my whole life.  I still complain about the Winter every.single.year!  And each year it seems to get worse and worse.  More snow. More freezing temps.  More blowing winds.  More days trapped inside.

Rewind a few years and being trapped inside the house wasn't a terrible thing at all.  It meant hot chocolate or coffee and a good book and lots of napping.  Now? With a toddler... HA!  You can only do so many art projects and play in the tent and read books so many times.  And going outside is fun.. until said toddler almost gets blown into a snow mound by said high winds.  Not to mention the fact that it takes as long to put her in her snow clothes as she plays outside.

Mother Nature also seems to use my social calendar as the basis for her weather making.  Days when I have nothing to do? Perfect weather. Days with plans? Schloads of snow!  In fact as I type this, I'm supposed to be going to my good friend Missy's 30th Birthday party in a few hours.  Guess what it's doing outside?  Sunshine and rainbows? Hell no!  It's snowing!!  Hard.  And it's very windy.  Surprising, I know.

We've missed out on play dates and  trips to fun places and hanging out with friends quite a few times already  this lovely season.  And it's only mid-January!  It's only been officially Winter for a month!

So.. until Spring decides to show it's face.. I'd really really really like to just hibernate with my family and sleep away this crappy, asstastic, frigid weather!  That would be great.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

And Let it Begin..

Peace out 2010!  Welcome 2011!

I just want to go on the record here saying that it's been TWO months since I've last blogged.  That's insane.  I mean, I've never been the most consistent blogger, but this is just sad. Pitiful.  Ridiculous.

Life has strapped me in and taken me for a ride.  Days with a toddler fly by.  And to be honest, I try not to miss a moment.  So I really need to find a nice balance between life and blogging. (Isn't that what all the bloggers are saying these days?)  I've also taken on a volunteer position with my local MOM group.  It's been stressful. Chaotic. Demanding. And tons of fun!  I'm really enjoying it so far.  Work. Overnights. Four nights a week. So yeah.. life has been busy but fun!

2010 was pretty good to my family.  There was so drama and lots of stress.  But we always had a roof over our head, food in our belly, and love in our home.  So I really can't complain much.  We made new friends, reconnected with ones from our past.  Kylee has really developed into quite the little person.  She's so funny, smart, talented, and pretty darn adorable if I do say so myself.  Tim switched locations with his job and it's been a hard change on him, but something that was great for our family.  We were going to move at the end of the year, but now we are staying. (I'm so happy about that!) We were together with both of our families for the holidays and everyone had a good time.

2011 is looking to be wonderful for us!  A job change is in the future for me.  Our very first family vacation at the start of the summer! (Down south to visit Tim's family).  Hopefully an end of the summer mini vacation with some good friends.  More time together as a family.  I have a lot of hope in 2011 being "our year"!

With the new year upon us I know a lot of people are making resolutions.  I told myself I wasn't going to.  I always seem to make them and break them before I even make it through the month of January.  But.. I've decided I am going to set goals for myself.

1.  Eat healthier as a family and start exercising.
2.  Become more organized in my life.  Find that balance I so desire.
3.  Take time for myself.
4.  Start reading again (things other than kid books and magazines)
5.  Take time for my relationship with that awesome man in my life!
6.  Volunteer more.  (I really miss doing this!)
7.  Say farewell to the people in my life who are just a giant, negative, hurtful weight.
8.  Start blogging again.

SO.. those are my goals.  That's the wrap up to the end of our year.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!  And I look forward to the adventures of this new year!

(Oh.. and tomorrow is my birthday. I plan on saying I'm 25 for the rest of my life. The End.)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Decorating CSN Style!

CSN stores can easily drag me in for hours.  There are SO many different things to browse through.  With our upcoming move, I've been looking around on there for some new furniture, decor,appliances, etc for our new place.  We're selling our current one, so I checked out the dining chairs and tables.  The formal dining sets were so beautiful and it made me wish we were going to have a formal dining room.  Not that we'd ever use it much.. but then I could have a big pretty table.  So wish me luck in my searching on CSN stores for the perfect "accessories" for our new abode!  And while you're at it.. you should browse the 200+ stores yourself.  I'm sure you'll find something you absolutely love!  And stayed tuned for more CSN goodness!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Greetings and Proof We're Alive!

Wow.  It's been ages since I've actually had a wholesome post.  This year is flying by and most of the time I feel like I'm barely hanging on.  I often question how parents of more than one child do it.  This one I have seems to consume every minute that I'm not at work or sleeping.  At even sometimes in my desperate attempts to get a nap in, she still manages to consume that time.  But.. really, I wouldn't have it any other way.

We're in the stages of moving.  Well.. we still have a month and a half before actual move date.  But lucky me.. I've been living with a hoarder for the last  3 1/2 years.  Yeah... every single thing down to a key to some old lock from some old place has a meaning to him.  I've finally threatened bodily harm to him encouraged him to start purging some stuff that he could live without.  Yes.. you can get rid of that old receipt from 2001 from when you got a tank of gas, a pack of smokes, and a 20oz Coke.  And yes.. go ahead and toss that employee handbook from your high school job.  I'm pretty sure you're never going to work there again.  Considering the place was closed down over 10 years ago..  You have pictures of your friends from when you worked there.  And memories in your brain.  I'm sure you'll never forget those days just because the handbook gets tossed out. Love ya, babe!

Anyways.. we've also been out and about enjoying this beautiful fall weather before we're bombarded with hundreds of inches of snow again! (Dear Mother Nature, I will kill you!  Love.. Me)  We've hit up the zoo, the pumpkin patch, the apple orchard, the parks, etc etc etc.  Lots of cute pictures of my girl will follow at the end. (But hey.. slow down.. and don't skip ahead.  You might miss something interesting.  Or not...)

Today.. well.. it's a pretty special day.  No.. I mean besides it being the 197th anniversary of the conclusion of the Battle of Leipzig. It's also Mother Teresa Day in Albania.  One of Jimmy Carter's daughters is celebrating her birthday today. AND.. so is my better half!  Yep.. he's the big 3-5 today.. but doesn't look a day over 50 ummm 21 or so..  Happy Birthday my love!  Thank you for being the amazing, wonderful, awesome, hilarious, intelligent, and brilliant man you are!  You're the butter to my bread and all that jazz!

So yeah.. that's us.  Busy but loving life!

How about you? How are things? Yeah.. I'm talking to you out there (assuming you're still there.)